Monday, January 14, 2013

Taiwanese people are empty shells with no soul, personality or passion

Have you noticed this about Taiwan? It's a new observation I just realized:

Even if you make a lot of friends in Taiwan, you eventually realize that these friends are really just casual acquaintances, because there is no real connection with them. Taiwanese are like empty shells with no soul or emotions, like plastic mannequins (similar to America, but even worse). Their faces are passionless and robotic, as if their soul and humanity has been squashed, suppressed or drained out of them.

It's very sad and scary, like an inhuman society from the Twilight Zone. I've seen some of the older generation Taiwanese show some semblance of having a soul or emotions, but the young adult generation definitely seem empty and hollow with plastic exteriors. Thus, the friendships you make in Taiwan will ultimately be unsatisfying.

It's also kind of depressing when you see that people are empty shells here because it leaves you wondering "How can humans descend into such a state of being?" What's scary is that you know deep down that you don't want to become like them, thus being around them could have a toxic negative effect on you.

What's worse, most young Taiwanese are duds with no personality and can't even hold a normal conversation. There is nothing really there to connect with. They are the least engaging youngsters I've ever met - usually quiet with nothing to say and no expression (except for very superficial ones). When you talk to them, after a few minutes or few sentences, the conversation runs dry, like you've run into a brick wall with nothing more to say. Asking them open ended questions about themselves, like interviewers do, will not change any of this. (if it did, I wouldn't have a problem engaging them) They are like empty shells.

The Siberian girl I went out with in Taiwan, told me this after she returned to Siberia:

"Hello Winston! How are you doing? I dont miss taiwan. I really do not miss it, maybe just tea )))) 
i am happy here. everything is real here, people, emotions, etc. 
that girl she is a friend of mine on Facebook. I can ask her. when are you leaving taiwan? I wish I could travel around. 
what do you think about dec 21? 
take care, hope you answer me soon xxx "

As you can see, she is saying that people in Siberia are "real people with real emotions" where people in Taiwan are NOT "real people with real emotions". lol

A Taiwanese American girl told me something interesting:

"2) One point you should mention is many White men who come or live here 
think every Yellow woman is some kind of easy lay or submissive geisha 
should be in for a rude awakening, as you have stressed in your 7 points. 
I think you should try to think of the criticisms for the men. I went to 
university here and the white men who come as foreign exchange students--I 
always see most of them alone or hanging out with other foreign exchange 
students. Taiwanese society is just too hard to fit in and ever fully 
adjust to. "

That's very true and concurs with my observation as well. Most foreigners I see in Taiwan only hang out with other foreigners, or with Westernized Asians/Taiwanese sometimes. But not with local mainstream typical Taiwanese. No way. So you gotta wonder, what's the point of coming to a foreign country if you can only befriend or connect with other foreigners?

Further, I don't understand why any foreigner comes to Taiwan. If I were a foreigner who wanted to study Chinese culture, I'd go to China. I don't see why I would want to go to Taiwan. It doesn't make sense.


  1. are you talking about yourself as NO SOUL?

  2. Just been blog surfing for the better part of an hour when I came across your blog. Very amusing and refreshing on a differential standpoint especially in the earlier posts on Janet Hsieh. There was something artificial about her I just couldn't point out and reading your blog did it.

    Just giving my two cents on the recent updates and I do have to point out a little on how perhaps during the attempts at ridiculing the exploits of an overrated celebrity, you MIGHT have overstepped a bit on negative criticism towards Taiwanese culture. I'm not Taiwanese nor do I like Taiwan in particular but to pin Taiwanese people as the 'plastic-hollowed shell individuals void of a soul'..well the criticism sounds more like a ubiquitous hate as opposed to a fair observation. Especially given the evidence come in mere form of friend opinions and comments. For all we know, there could be a (insert nation)-Janet Hsieh that does the same thing - pathological, dressed up lies to increase the tourism of her home country. Then again, isn't that what everyone else in the business is doing?

  3. Well, Winston, to start off, you do have the freedom of speech to express whatever YOU think. That's why, on the other hand, SO DO I!!

    Congrats!! You are so popular by making others look bad, you now even have a video made!!!! Wow, isn't it just amazing? Getting all the fame without any effort!!!

    I guess I am only getting more views for you by posting the link, but really, there's no need to thank me. I mean I have a life, where I can feel confident without the need of making myself known as a freak, or shall I say, " an INFAMOUS MISOGYNIST" to gain popularity. But I mean, can't get it in real life, and can't find your strength?? It's ok! Isn't the internet one of the best invention??

    Finally, even though we all know that you don't exactly have the manner to appreciate what people has to offer, still, YOU'RE WELCOME, WINSTON!! (Y)

  4. First of all, It's your thought of where to go, so we don't care. Second, most foreigners only hangout with foreigners because they do not speak the language, they don't want to just go around and speaking mandarin while embarrassing themselves, so use your logical thinking. Third, you said MOST, so it doesn't mean that all people in Taiwan can't hold a normal conversation, and I have a few Taiwanese friends can talk as mush as you can, or maybe your normal conversations are too normal that they are bored. So you improve your communication skills. Fourth, It is your own opinion that making friends in Taiwan can be unsatisfying so you better change them off. Fifth, I think you're the one that does not have any humanity in your heart for talking about people behind their back, but anyway you are right where you belong BEHIND them. Sixth, people who are quiet doesn't mean that they don't have souls ok, its their choice to choose whether or not to speak.