Thursday, June 9, 2011

What's wrong with Janet Hsieh? Why did I start this blog?

Some of you might be wondering, "Why did you start this blog? What do you have against Janet Hsieh? What did she ever do to you?"

Well nothing. But it's what she represents that I have a problem with. I mean, look at her - She's politically correct, full of fake enthusiasm, does publicity stunts, yet gets treated like a Goddess and there's not a single negative word about her on the internet. (So imagine the shock she must have felt when she suddenly saw two blogs appear that were put up to bash her. hehehe) So why not balance the scales a little and get some publicity from it at the same time, thus hitting two birds with one stone? As the first critic to break her "perfect feedback record", I'm bound to receive some attention from her millions of fans, and possibly her silent critics as well.

Let me put it this way. Janet Hsieh represents a gross distortion of reality - that everything is rosy, wonderful, and nothing negative exists. People who buy into that view of reality become "victim-blamers", and develop a "victim-blaming mentality".

You see, when one sees the world as a happy-go-lucky place where only bad people suffer due to bad choices, and where no one is a victim, then anytime reality catches up and victimizes innocent people (which it does), then one will BLAME that victim, even if he/she was NOT at fault. Thus an unjust victim-blaming mentality is developed in such people. This is a key fault that such happy-go-lucky people never realize. They want badly to believe in a rosy just and fair world where bad things only happen to bad people. But in reality, most people who suffer unjustly are innocent (which is one reason why many turn Atheist), yet these deluded New Agey types deny it and falsely accuse the victims instead.

Here is a revealing article about how many New Agers and believers in the "Law of Attraction", who believe that "thoughts create reality" and that nothing bad can happen unless you think it can, possess such a victim-blaming mentality as I describe above.

You see, wise and truthful people know that true glory comes from endurance of suffering. All religions and spiritual belief systems teach that glory comes through suffering and endurance. Even the Bible says:

"For unto you it is given in the behalf of Christ, not only to believe on him, but also to suffer for his sake;" (Philippians 1:29)

That's how one transcends the prison of life and moves closer to enlightenment and inner peace.

The happy-go-lucky world that Janet Hsieh represents is an illusion and facade for those who wish to deny reality. In the end, it can only bring suffering when reality catches up. Her attitude represents a denial of reality that can easily turns into a victim-blaming mindset as well.

Check out this interesting article about how a study found that happy go lucky people tend to die younger because they are more reckless and take more risks with their health and safety than others do. It is an example of the dangers of having such an unrealistic rosy attitude like Janet has, which some people idolize for some bizarre reason.

Am I jealous of Janet Hsieh? Sure, who wouldn't be? She gets everything handed on a silver platter, even though her friendships are superficial and shallow. She gets pampered better than Julia Roberts did in "Pretty Woman".

But that doesn't mean that my critique is dishonest. Far from it. I am a truth seeker, not a conformist like Janet and 99.99 percent of Asians are. So my words and actions are far more genuine and authentic. A truth seeker seeks his/her own truth, whereas a conformist sees truth as whatever authority says and whatever the majority agree upon. In that sense, I have far more credibility than Janet does.

Nor does it mean that Janet Hsieh should be exempt from criticism. Why should she be? Every other celebrity receives criticism, so why shouldn't she? There are two sides to every story after all.

Besides, there is nothing special about her. She hasn't done anything worthy of fame. There's nothing unique about her either. She is simply media hyped and pampered, overinflated and overrated. All she did was "ride with the waves" and received everything on a silver platter after that. So why not inject some reality into her reputation and put up a blog to counterbalance the warped scales a little? What's wrong with that? Every celebrity has their critics. Why shouldn't she? Why leave such a fake person on such a high pedestal?

The injustice in all this is that people who are fake and annoying like Janet Hsieh get a ton of airtime in the stupid shallow superficial media, but people who have a lot of meaningful useful enlightening things to say that truly changes lives, like me, get no airtime. It should be the other way around. But as you know, the stupid media is not about truth, meaning or freedom, but about dumbing you down with the stupidest most useless mind numbing garbage and trash that is not even worth one cent per minute of their advertiser's money, or your attention and cranium space.

Fortunately though, this blog and the critique of Janet Hsiesh on my site helps balance the scales of justice. Now that they are highly ranked in Google, anyone who Googles "Janet Hsieh" will find them, and thus learn about me and my site with meaningful useful enlightening content that truly changes lives. In that sense, I've found a way to "piggyback" onto her fame, and thus balance the scales of justice a little. Sometimes, you gotta take justice into your own hands, especially when the forces of stupidity, ignorance and superficiality are working against you.

Hope you understand my point.


  1. GET A LIFE.
    you've far more interesting thing to do & better life than sitting in front of screen criticizing somebody with your so called intellectual.
    If you're one real " truly unique, original and one-of-a-kind freethinking Asian American" as claimed. I believe you can achieve better in other sector than this.
    I just find this blog real amusing and ridiculous at the same time.

    Frankly to say, I'm kind of disappointed to read your about me and link it to this blog. You've just downgraded yourself.

    have a nice day and wish you the best! =)

  2. You started this blog because you are a scum of the earth

  3. Well analyzed intellectual piece. Love it and agree for the most part, and I like your tie-in to New Age belief. Sad but true is that most people fail to understand that criticism does not equate with hate. But I guess that's just part of society's downspiral towards a media induced 'reality', where the majorty of society become increasingly deprived of the ability to think critically, and for themselves for that matter.

  4. you are such a dumb hater. Hate on and be a loser ...if what Janet did was so "easy" why don't YOU do it? Wait, you are probably butt ugly. As an Asian American, I'm ashamed to claim you as one of us. You suck. Go flip burgers. The end.

  5. Janet was having tea at the Dome Dempsey Hill in Singapore with a lady friend on 19 Jan this year. I happened to be sitting at a table right beside her and directly facing her. If my memory serves me well, she was dressed in a black or brown spaghetti top and faded blue denim jeans. I was able to observe her every move and facial expression for over an hr. She spent quite a lot of time sending text messages on her phone. I guess she is only friendly and nice to people who know her on a social or professional level. But she didn't put on any airs with the service staff at Dome so perhaps that may count for something.

  6. So, you critique Janet because she doesn't have any critics?

    Wow, I TOTALLY see the sense in that. What solid evidence to back your arguments up.

  7. To know more about winston, just read this article Haha, seriously please stop bashing people for your own sake. Good luck on your pathetic life

  8. I don't even know you but I feel very sorry for you, Winston. For you to waste time creating this stupid blog, something really bad must have happened to you as a kid. Get on with your own life and leave others in peace. Stop stalking people.

  9. I do know taiwanese girls that are perfect. BUt I won't introduce her to you.


    now get a mirror or go see a doctor. FOr god's sake.

  10. You are a shame. Winston Wu.
    Please don't introduce yourself that you are born in Taiwan.
    You will ruin the country's reputation by introducing yourself and all your misbehaves like that.

    By thinking of your name.


  11. Actually, I will increase Taiwan's reputation, since I am known as the most freethinking Asian in the world. See these quotes by other authors and my fans that attest to this. They are sourced and linked:

    No Taiwanese has the credentials, skills and knowledge that I do. Research me and see for yourself. All the info about me is public.

    At least I'm authentic, genuine and down to earth. Janet Hsieh is anything but. She is fake and lives in the politically correct universe where honesty is NOT allowed, because you are only allowed to say things like "This place is so great! People are so friendly!" No honesty, free speech or truth is allowed in such a politically correct universe which she and many airheads live in.

    Don't blame me for telling the truth about Taiwan. I tell it like it is with no bull. Sorry if you can't take the truth.

    1. And I think that you are living in your own world that everyone treats you like a king, time to wake up

  12. How the fuck are you freethinking Winston?

    If you're so freethinking you wouldn't need to associate the quality of a nation's women with whether they're willing to get into bed with you or not. If you were freethinking, you'd GET OVER the fact that no one wants to fuck you here, and I clearly don't blame them!

  13. Also, I thought you were a dick. But if it happens that you deleted my comment from yesterday that would've shown how shallow-minded you were, you'd be also a pussy.

  14. Well, Winston, to start off, you do have the freedom of speech to express whatever YOU think. That's why, on the oter hand, SO DO I!!

    Congrats!! You are so popular by making others look bad, you now even have a video made!!!! Wow, isn't it just amazing? Getting all the fame without any effort!!!

    I guess I am only getting more views for you by posting the link, but really, there's no need to thank me. I mean I have a life, where I can feel confident without the need of making myself known as a freak, or shall I say, " an INFAMOUS MISOGYNIST" to gain popularity. But I mean, can't get it in real life, and can't find your strength?? It's ok! Isn't the internet on of the best invention??

    Finally, even though we all know that you don't exactly have the manner to appreciate what people has to offer, still, YOU'RE WELCOME, WINSTON!! (Y)

  15. Its just your opinion about her fakeness, she gets pampered better than Julia roberts because she deserves it ok,dont write something bad about people just because you are jealous.

  16. Well I don't because I think that she truly deserves it

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  18. think dude??? R U SURE U R OPEN MINDED