Saturday, June 23, 2012

Christopher's Lies and BS about Janet Hsieh and Taiwan

One of Janet Hsieh's fans (airheads as usual, with no real arguments), posted this strange comment in this blog:

"It seems the only good thing Winston Wu is good at is SEO.

I actually read that "article" about democracy and Taiwan being a horrible place, and discovered that his "intellectual" thoughts are basically a mixture of conspiracy theory and poppycock. No educated American thinks America is literally a democracy, nor does anybody think that living in a "free" country means that people can do or say whatever they want. Winston wrote some obvious things, then claims that he's one of the few that's figured it out. There's also a glaring lack of footnotes in his essay, so at least we know it's very well-researched....

And then there's a bunch of claims that show Winston's lack of knowledge on topics he talks about. Such as Janet being fake. If he's never met her, then how does he know that she's faking it, and that that's not how she is in person? (I HAVE met her personally, and I remember her as a pretty upbeat girl). Winston also doesn't know how the TV industry in Taiwan works (for new show concepts, people create a show with their own money, then pay the networks to broadcast it. If it gets good ratings FOR A WHOLE SEASON, THEN the network pays for the rights to it and/or hires the team, and only then do they start paying the original show creators.).

Also, Winston likely possesses few social skills. He cries on and on about Asian males not being treated well, but it just sounds like a lot of blaming others for his own bad experiences. Having lived in Taipei for a year as an ABC (that would make me an Asian male), one of the best things about the place was the friendly people! People everywhere were extremely friendly, you could talk to anybody on the street, young or old, and talking to girls there was much easier than in the States, because they will almost always talk back (maybe Winston acted like a creeper? I'm below-average in the looks department, and all I had to do was smile and say hi). I have literally walked into random KTV rooms, introduced myself, and then drank and sang with strangers for hours (didn't do this all the time, but maybe once a month or so?). I would then observe how that behavior would not fly in the USA. It is hard to approach a group of club-goers in LA without them staring you down. In Taipei, however, any night at Room18 could be spiced up by just walking up to random groups, and they happily integrate you into their plans for the night. Girls there are NOT that conservative, and I actually watched a documentary about how Taiwanese girls are getting more and more dynamic to the point that there is a large portion of their population that is barhopping into their 30's and marrying later.

Winston, anecdotal evidence from people that have similar experiences to you means very little. You must ask for stories from people that are nothing like you, to allow for the possibility that your personality (or other factors) is the culprit. I'm not claiming to be one of those "lucky" ones that succeeded in to social or dating scenes. In fact, if you go hang outside a club like Spark or Primo, you will see tons of people just happily socializing with each other, just like any other country. Because guess what! People in Taiwan like to have fun, too! There's no anti-fun culture being taught there. How about you balance your anecdotal evidence with mine and my Taiwanese friends? Or that of all the ABC's that love visiting Taiwan every year in the summer or Christmas or Chinese New Years?

In closing, this comment is more for the readers than for you, Winston. I'm afraid this is likely to fall on deaf ears (though one can hope), but hopefully others who end up here will remember to appreciate Janet and her show for what it's supposed to do, highlighting what can be fun and entertaining in and around
Taiwan, not what you perceive her personality to be without ever having met her."

My response:

Why do you say that Janet isn't fake because she's "upbeat"?! WTF are you smoking?! If you had said that she isn't fake because she's "authentic, down to earth, no nonsense, straightforward, brutally honest and tells it like it is", then you could argue that she's not fake. But "upbeat"? WTF? Are you some retard?

How can you say that Taiwanese are "NOT conservative"? WTF? EVERYONE knows that they are. Ask any honest sincere Taiwanese person and they will tell you that Taiwan girls are very "bao so" (conservative/inhibited/closed). Note that they are not a little "bao so" but VERY "bao so". It's common knowledge in Taiwan and no one denies it. So why do you?

Saying that Taiwanese girls are not conservative is like saying that Hitler was not insane. It's a preposterous statement. In fact, every atom and molecule in Taiwan is conservative. The entire energy field and social atmosphere in Taiwan is conservative. There is nothing that is not conservative in Taiwan. Why do you think you have to act super innocent when out with people in Taiwan?

Do you have some self-interest in spreading these lies about Janet Hsieh and Taiwan? Why are you giving totally false info that contradicts what everyone knows as fact? You are weird. It's like you have never been to Taiwan or something.

Look dude. I'm Taiwanese and I love Taiwan because of that. But the facts are the facts:

- It is extremely conservative, the most conservative country I've ever been to. People ignore you if they don't know you and treat you like you don't exist. When you are alone in Taiwan, you are totally invalidated and alienated. It's a terrible feeling.
- Taiwanese are very cliquish and only hang in groups. They are insecure as individuals. The individual has no value and no identity. Groups are everything in Taiwan's social atmosphere. No one dares go out alone unless they are on their way to school or work. You will never see anyone going alone to a restaurant, cafe, pub, theater, etc. You will be seen as a loser if you go out alone in Taiwan. It's easier to meet people if you're in a group than alone - it's all about cliques.
- The only people that freely talk to strangers in Taiwan are middle age and elderly people. (similar to the US) This is an obvious fact, yet amazingly not a single website mentions it other than mine.
- 80 percent of the girls are either cute or hot, but they have a cold wall around them which makes it VERY uncomfortable and creepy to try to approach them or meet them. 99.99 percent of guys would never start up a conversation with a girl they don't know in Taiwan. The girls are all look and no touch - a total downer.

These facts and general tendencies in Taiwan are undeniable to any sincere normal person. I have a mountain of proof to support this.

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