Monday, August 13, 2012

Could Janet Hsieh be a lesbian in the closet?

Check out this comment which alleges that Janet Hsieh is probably a lesbian in the closet. What do you think? Could it be true?

"It’s not really a secret, dude. Ever hear of lesbians. She’s gay. No shame there, just like Ellen DeGeneres in USA and Martina Navritiloa and Yani Tseng. But notice in all her years there in Taiwan, i am in Uk by the way, she never had a boyfriend? gay. all her friends know. Just like Anderson Cooper. And for running away, well, you think her parents will stand for their daughter being gay? No way. So she fled. And she’s happy in Asia, as many gay expats are. Nobody bothers them and tawianese peopple could care less which way she bats. That’s the secret of Taiwan, people accept you gay or straight. Janet’s a lez. Period. and no big deal. she will come out sooner or later. why not. but not yet, it would hurt her product endorsement and marketability for now. later when she is 45 she will confess all. they all do."