Wednesday, June 1, 2011

A Critical Review of Janet Hsieh 謝怡芬, Host of Fun Taiwan

Note: Due to complaints about the Chinese translation by Google Translate that I posted, I've removed it. If you wish to view it though, click here.

Revised June, 2011

"The men the American public admire most extravagantly are the most daring liars; the men they detest most violently are those who try to tell them the truth." - H. L. Mencken

Janet Hsieh 謝怡芬, whom her shallow airheadish fans rave is "oh so wonderful", is the host of "Fun Taiwan" on the Discovery Channel and The Learning Channel. On her show, she goes around Taiwan exploring mediocre sites and places that pale in comparison with her pretty face, while hyping them up with contrived enthusiasm. In doing so, she actually gives Taiwan a bad image, because the uneventful ordinary places she goes to on her show would NOT be fun if she wasn't there, which might discourage people from going there.

Though she is nothing special, she has become a media darling and her airheadish fans treat her like some Goddess above criticism. Amazingly, she is one of the few celebrities without critical review, at least that I'm able to find. So let me be the first to write a critical review of her. (since I happen to have a history of being the first to do things)

First, sure she has good looks, has modeled before, and possesses an outgoing enthusiastic personality. I guess that's enough to win over simple drooling guys and the executive producers of the Travel Channel.

But that's pretty much all she has. There is nothing unique or special about her. She has not done anything to deserve any fame or "Goddess treatment". There are many Asian American girls like her who could fill her shoes. And her accomplishments (qualifying for medical school, playing violin, etc.) are typical for Chinese Americans. (My Taiwanese cousins and family friends have the same accomplishments)

The chief problems with Janet Hsieh are: Her personality is bland. Her jokes are corny and her antics are cheesy. For example, when she puts on a dress, she says the corniest things that make you roll your eyes. And when she's bathing under a waterfall, she raves, "Ohhh this is sooooo wonderful!" which anyone can do. Her cheesy lines, combined with how loud she is, makes her annoying to those with distinguishing ears. She does not give any deep meaningful insights on her show. Instead, she says the most simple things that anyone can say.

Plus she is not a good actor and seems to feign her emotions. There is no depth to her. Just look at her eyes (since they say that the eyes are the window to the soul). Notice how vacant and self-absorbed they are. They do not show one who is rich and soulful on the inside. Instead, they show an empty airhead on the inside. Look carefully at them when she's on TV and you will see what I mean.

Thus, she is way overrated and over-treated, hyped up by the media without any substantive reasons, similar to how Britney Spears was hyped up even though she didn't have much talent or charisma. Janet has no special accomplishments. She is not a good or talented actress. She does not make you feel emotions. She has no charm or charisma. She has not done anything special. She has not stood up to evil with any courage. She has done nothing but rave like an airhead on her show.

Thus, it is no surprise that her fans tend to be airheads themselves, since like attracts like. Just look at the comments on her facebook fan page that she gets everyday, and you'll see how airheadish they are. None of the comments have any substance.

It's no wonder she's so popular. Deep intelligent aware people do not tend to be popular with the dumbed-down mainstream population (which is prevalent in Taiwan and America). That's why popular people tend to be fake, dumbed-down (or at least act like it), plastic and inauthentic, rather than truthful and genuine. After all, as great thinkers have said:

"The men the American public admire most extravagantly are the most daring liars; the men they detest most violently are those who try to tell them the truth." - H. L. Mencken

"Ninety-nine percent of the people in the world are fools, and the rest of us are in great danger of contagion." - Thornton Wilder

"Whenever people agree with me I always feel I must be wrong." — Oscar Wilde

Furthermore, the places that Janet Hsieh goes to in her Fun Taiwan series are very mediocre, the kind that old retired Taiwanese, who don't have the guts to go overseas, go. They are not places that young people would really enjoy. Or she goes hiking up mountains and waterfalls in naturesque areas, which are nothing special and exist all over the world.

There is nothing really "fun" about these places on her show, except for her "fun personality", which is more fake than authentic, because she makes a big deal about nothing and overcompliments everything around her. Now, there's nothing wrong with having enthusiasm and child-like wonder, but when you're PAID to do these things, it calls into question how much of your emotions on TV are real and how much is merely acting to make the show positive and pleasant.

You might think I'm being pessimistic and overly critical. But I am just calling it like I see it. I've seen many things in this world, and met thousands of people. I'm very insightful and have distinguishing taste in separating substance from hype. That being said, to me Janet Hsieh's acting and enthusiasm on her show seems fake and contrived.

Plus she is not an independent thinker. She got good grades in school, played violin, and wanted to become a doctor, etc. which is very typical for a Taiwanese American. I've known many ABC's who fit the same bill.

Sure, Janet has looks, popularity, money, and a fun life. She may be a great girl by conventional standards. But her assets and qualities are ordinary and shallow. She is not original in any way at all. She does not revolutionize anything or have great vision to change things, society and people's lives. She does not help end suffering in the world, or fight evil or injustice, or debunk lies, propaganda and illusion. She does not even think “outside the box”, nor has she shown that she can. She is a conformist, like most females are.

She's just an attractive but over-hyped entertainer that nerdy ABC sheep drool over. That's nice yeah, but it's only surface level, and nothing that will stand out in history.

Now I'm not saying that Janet is bad or anything. I'm sure she's a fine person. I'm just saying that she's nothing special or unique. I know many ABC girls that are just like her, who became doctors, got good grades, are pretty, etc. Her interests are typical and conventional. She is not extraordinary, original, unique or one-of-a-kind. She does not get compliments and comments like these, for example. Instead, she acts fake, artificial and annoying.

Look at the writing in her blog for example. There are no great profound truths or insights in it. Nothing intellectual or deep. Compare it to Winston Wu's articles, which says speak for themselves. There is no comparison. Look at Winston's masterpiece essay Debunking the Myth of Freedom and Democracy in America for example. Everything in it is 100 percent "outside the box". Can Janet ever write anything like that? No way. Of course not. Janet is a typical conformist, not a truth seeker, and as such does not think like that.

Plus Janet's personality seems fake and programmed, not authentic. Her updates on her Facebook Page, as well as the praises she receives there, are very airheadish and superficial. Notice her eyes as she speaks or walks, and you will see a plastic vacant look, as if she's spaced out. There is nothing deep, intellectual or profound about her. She exudes plastic optimism, which is reflective of the fake US culture she grew up in, which does not allow you to express how you really feel, but only allows you to show a plastic face to everyone everyday. She is not known for anything unique which sets her apart from any other fun-loving extrovert. There is NOTHING original about her at all, compared to the one-of-a-kind Winston Wu, evidenced by these quotes.

Now compare her with fellow Taiwanese American Winston Wu - Writer, Traveler, Freethinker, Passive Income Enterpreneur, and Founder of the Happier Abroad and SCEPCOP movements. Very well traveled folks have called Winston Wu the "most atypical and unique Asian male" as well as the "most freethinking Asian". See here for examples and see this Chart of Winston Wu's character traits and attitudes that truly set him apart from other Asians. Also see this list of quotes from fans who call Winston Wu a "Hero, Inspiration, and Legend", words which very few people in the world get called. Winston Wu's work has even been praised by Nobel Prize Winners and reputable published authors. See here for their praises and compliments.

Janet Hsieh, on the other hand, has NOTHING like that which sets her apart from the rest. And she has not done anything that no one else has, or been the first to do something, like Winston Wu has. See here for his list of 10 Uncommon and Outstanding Accomplishments. No Nobel Prize Winners or intellectual authors praise Janet's work. No one calls her a "Hero or Legend." She has not overcome any insurmountable odds, has not stood up against overwhelming forces, nor fought for truth, nor had the courage to stand alone for what's right. And she has no real intellectual achievements that are praiseworthy. There is nothing original or unique about her. All she did was study hard and use her looks to get into modeling and then onto television. There isn't much substance to her. She simply got hyped up by the media, which has a history of hyping up people with looks but no substance, talent or charisma - such as Britney Spears.

Janet Hsieh claims to have toured 36 countries, however, anyone can backpack through a lot of countries in a short period of time. Darting through multiple countries on a backpacking tour does not make you cultured. What makes you cultured is how many countries you have resided in LONG-TERM. My Cultural and Expat Advisor, for example, has been to 30+ countries, speaks 10 languages, and has resided LONG-TERM in 9 countries. If you look at the depth of his blog and cultural comparisons, you will see what a real well-traveled cultured expat is like. NONE of Janet's writings are anywhere near as deep and useful as his. Have a look at his Expat blog and see for yourself. In it are direct and mostly accurate comparisons between cultures and their ways, without political correctness. On the other hand, all that Janet can say about any culture is: "This culture is so wonderful. The food was so good. The people were so friendly. I had a great time! Wooo hooo!" which in fact, every host of the Travel Channel says. So what's new?

Anyhow, with experience in other cultures, she should easily see that Taiwan is one of the dullest and coldest (socially) cultures in the world, with no social energy, vibe or excitement. (but of course she's paid to say the opposite) It's pretty much a dead land of robotic slaves without imagination, creativity or passion. Any well traveled observant person can see that from their perspective.

But since she's a PAID host, actor and promoter of Taiwan tourism, she has to do whatever the producers want, including raving with enthusiasm about the most dull mediocre things. And when she does, it raises a critical eye from astute observers as to how sincere and natural she is.

I would bet that if she were not paid to host a TV show, she would not spend so much of her own time, years it seems, traveling around Taiwan with so much excitement. You can only see so much in Taiwan, since it's a small country. Yet she's spent years going to sites in Taiwan on her show.

What's annoying is her rabid ranting that Taiwan is so wonderful and friendly which stands in stark contrast to the truth and cold hard reality of Taiwanese life. The way she rails about Taiwan is so fake too.

In reality Taiwanese women are very closed, stiff, inhibited, introverted, conservative, stone faced and not open to strangers. In Taiwan there is no eye contact or smiling to others in public. No one talks to you if they don't know you. To them, that's normal. But in the rest of the world it is not.

I know I'm going to take heat for this one, but it's one of those things like "The Emperor's New Clothes" where no one wants to admit something obvious for fear of condemnation and ostracization.

Taiwanese are not just shy and introverted, they are EXTREMELY shy and introverted, to the point where if you are outgoing, you will feel awkward and out of place, like you should not be outgoing when everyone else is not. Thus that part of you will feel "suppressed".

The only types that talk to strangers in Taiwan are the elderly/senior citizens. Not young adults and especially not young adult females. No way. Hell no. The girls in Taiwan are super conservative, and not very approachable or easy to chat up without a proper introduction, unlike in Europe where females are far more open and relaxed with strangers. That makes Taiwan an ice cold place. And it tells you that since the older generation is more friendly, it must have been friendlier in the past.

However, I'm sure if you look like Janet Hsieh, then Taiwanese people will be a lot warmer and more approachable to you. Or if you are a white guy, then Taiwanese girls will be more receptive to approaches. But not if you're an Asian guy. No way. If you are an Asian male, Taiwanese females will put on their super conservative mask to you. Not a single serious down-to-earth mature Taiwanese person I know denies that. It's simply too obvious.

In fact, I do not sense any social energy at all in Taiwan, even though I am very sensitive and attuned to energy in my surroundings. Zilch. Nada. If you've never left Taiwan, you might not understand what that means. But if you've lived in high social energy places like Latin America, Russia, parts of Europe, the Philippines, Southeast Asia, etc. you will know exactly what I mean. Taiwan is a frigid place for the true extrovert. And it is nowhere as friendly in real life as Janet Hsieh portrays it. No way.

In fact, the name of her show "Fun Taiwan" is an oxymoron in terms. In reality, typical Taiwanese life is anything but fun. It is totally devoid of passion, interests, and freedoms. Instead, it is a cold bleak soulless robotic existence to corporate slavery (or slavery to your own shop) 6 or 7 days a week, giving away 80 to 90 percent of one's priceless life to bondage, rather than enjoying any kind of truly RICH LIFE. Work and money are the Gods of Taiwanese people. It's a horrible existence. I pity them.

What passes for fun in Taiwan is usually lame, gay, and a weak attempt behind an aura and culture of inhibition. People don't truly live to the max or with full richness of heart and passion in Taiwan, the way that people do in Latin America for instance.

Mainstream Taiwanese do not deny any of the above. They admit to it and say that it is their culture, and that they are not like foreign countries. They even consider America, one of the loneliest and most isolating countries in the world, to be open and friendly. What does that tell you?!

The only people who deny the above are certain groups of expats who somehow claim to be unusually lucky in Taiwan's social and dating scene, hippies and backpackers who always say that people are friendly in every culture no matter what, politically correct folks, and of course Travel Channel hosts like Janet Hsieh, who are PAID to say how wonderful, exciting and friendly Taiwan is.

But those who are unbrainwashed and who sees things as they are will find the above to be obvious. Few people will admit and see things as they are. Many only see what they WANT to see.

This is a sick world of illusion, propaganda and lies. And I'm glad to be one of the few who are free and liberated of that.

For my complete observations about Taiwan, click here

In fact, a Taiwanese girl I emailed, who told me that Taiwan was friendly because it was the popular cool thing to say, was sent my observations about Taiwan above. Upon reading it, she admitted that I WAS RIGHT! See what she had to say below. It's quite revealing coming from a mainstream Taiwanese girl.

"hi, winston,
what a long letter! haha
actually, i admit i feel a little offended when i read ur mail first time...(sorry)
but then, i thought u r right. :D
if we compare taiwan with other countries, i know, our people r colder and more shy. it is truth. i think it is because of our culture and tradition. we r not so welcome to strangers, just most people want to protect themselves first.
i totally agree u that people affect each other. so when your surrounding is a close space(people just chat or talk with their friends),u will be a member of them, no doubt.

but i still notice sth different between our sentences,
i think why u feel so disappointed about taiwanese,maybe one reason is just cuz of u r a male. people r usually more friendly to female than to male. :)
another reason is maybe u go to wrong place, for example,if on the road,maybe most people don't want to talk to u because they r busy or they are teached don't talk to strangers. but if u go to social places, like pubs,concerts,night markets,restaurants,shopping streets, etc. u might find sth a little different.
and i said that people in chiayi r kind and friendly,
i mean people who live in southern part of taiwan r more friendly than northern part of taiwan. :D (every taiwanese knows this.)
of course we can't compare with USA,europe and other western countries i know... but heyhey i am very sure that we r better than china! :D
so how is ur trip in taiwan? maybe u can try other couchsurfers!


According to this news article, Janet's show is now suffering from low ratings. Well the solution is simple. Go somewhere interesting Janet! Go to Japan or China and show places there, rather than always staying in the boring uneventful Taiwan.

Now, I know it may be unpopular to criticize someone as popular as Janet Hsieh, but as these great quotes exemplify:

“Even if you are a minority of one, the truth is the truth.” - Gandhi

"The men the American public admire most extravagantly are the most daring liars; the men they detest most violently are those who try to tell them the truth." - H. L. Mencken

"The individual has always had to struggle to keep from being overwhelmed by the tribe. If you try it, you will be lonely often, and sometimes frightened. But no price is too high to pay for the privilege of owning yourself." - Friederich Nietzsche

Thank you for reading my critique.

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  1. do know she's just a TV personality, right? There are others like her. Travel around, and ask non-Asian why they are here. I for one came here, Taiwan for a short business trip that was only supposed to last for a month. Fast forward six years later, I'm still here. Taiwan is NOT a high energy place like .....with murder, crime, dilapidated societies, and with moral values on par with sadists.

    In these six years, I've met dozens of other foreigners, from those high energy countries, who have also made Taiwan their home.

    Janet is not like the typical priest Asian women you see throughout Asia. She's not afraid of getting dirty, to see things for what they are......she's an extroverted American woman you see everywhere in America's heartland, but she just happens to be Asian. That in itself, is rare and unique.

    As a TV personality, she's entertainment.....and that's all I see her as.

    Nice article.......if you have a TV show, I'll play devils advocate with you.

  2. Autocorrect messed some words up

  3. Hmmm, what a lovely way to bitch slap a Asian woman, while promoting a Asian man. If Winston Wu is so wonderful, he should never need to have put down a Asian woman who succeed in the American Dream, she used her assets to get ahead. So, what if they happen to her looks and personality...she is a actress as such she should have been judge with her peer groups like American counterparts Cheryl Burke host of Dancing with the Stars.

    The fact that Winston Wu choose to compare himself with her, instead a real counterpart such as Dan Savage shows his lack of ability to promote himself.

    If you are that good, you don't need to be a basher.

  4. I originally wrote a very nice reply, but I'm changing it now to focus on your article.

    If your Chinese is so poor that you can't personally translate this document (which is not a totally sound English composition, by the way), it means you probably don't have the linguistic and cultural competence to understand what Taiwan is really like.

    Why on earth would you ask foreigners their opinions on Taiwan and take it to mean anything? If you were writing a piece on what life is like in the USA, would you ONLY ask recent immigrants who don't speak fluent English? That's some unsound logic on which you base your observations--observations which are pure opinion and not supported by any modicum of fact.

    I would also suggest that whenever you criticize any public figure at all, you should give us a reason why we should give a damn what you have to say.

  5. Such a wonderful article!
    I've finally found someone like me.
    I just don't get it y people always ignore the facts just to stay "happy"... it's really funny and pathetic actually.
    i agree w/ u that she is not that extraordinary. so many people are popular only because they have been promoted, which is a fact for sure, but nobody can see it or even if someone sees it, they'll never admit it. Keep posting!

  6. Dear 何光煒,
    Where is your original nice reply? Why do you try to discredit me just because I can't translate in Chinese? Excuse me, but I'm an ABC who grew up in America. I was not educated in Chinese. English is my native language. So why do you expect everyone to know Chinese?

    I took the courtesy of translating the article with Google Translator, as a convenience to you. I could have just not done it at all. But I guess you had no credible argument against me so you tried to use this little translation thing to nitpick me. That's really lame.

    FYI, I don't just ask foreigners about their opinions of Taiwan, I usually ask Taiwanese people too, and they cannot deny the things I say. White foreigners actually experience a different Taiwan than Asians do, it seems.

    Btw, foreigners in the US know far more about the US than Americans do. Every intellectual knows that. Americans are the most mind controlled brainwashed people on the planet, who ironically think they are free when the facts are totally the opposite, and foreigners can see this more clearly because they have something to compare America to. Didn't you know that? Duh!

    See these truthful and enlightening comments from foreigners and immigrants in America:

    Learn to listen and humble yourself.

    1. "Learn to listen and humble yourself? Wow my ironic meter is going over the roof!

      You dedicate a blog slamming a tv personality and people of an entire nation.

      You use google translate to translate a chinese document trying to pretend as if you know what you're talking about.

      And you're telling others to listen and to humble themselves? Okay broo..

  7. My 2 cents:

    I agree with the blogger - Janet needs to work harder. However, there is no need for personal attacks since you may not know her personally.

    The show is very generic, and average. Kudos to the crew and cast for trying to spice up a small island which has little to offer in the way of packaged tourism.

    Taiwan has lost its soul (I am born, and bred here, but I have also lived abroad in Europe, Africa, mainland China for 20yrs) during the economic boom and modernization of the 70s-80s. The concept of tourism is very superficial and there is little unique to offer in the way of cultural diversity.

    Personally, if you prefer pure ethnic travel thrills, places like Vietnam and Thailand may offer more interest. Taiwan is stuck in a cultural limbo between quasi Japanese-South island-Han chinese culture. With mainland China opening up, Taiwan has even lost its lime-light as a "Chinese" experience.

    Janet nad her crew have very little to work with besides, well, the food. Taiwanese cuisine is great. No doubts about that.

    As for the people, well - western extroverts will have a hard time in Taiwan. That doesn't mean there is anything wrong with Taiwanese in general. During the booming 80s, this place was as vibrant and outgoing as Japane. Unfortunately, the vibe has dulled along with the economic slow-down. People here are indeed geared (automoton is a little harsh, but almost spot on!) towards achieving wealth and status, rather than living.

    This will change with time as people settle down from the giddy material-chasing lifestyle and mentality of the past. It will take a while though.

    But nothing will change the Confucian conservatism of the ladies and our dating etiquette. Its unfair to label us "deadbeat" just because we do not go wild like college kids in the US.

    Different cultures, different ways.

    In my opinion, the mainland Chinese are more energetic and daring right now because their nation is in a state of flux, just like Japan and Taiwan was 20 years ago. But once the become an established economy and the growth rate slows, people will settle down once again. The euphoria of a roaring economy does affect people and how they behave. Taiwan and Japan are on a pessimistic edge right now.

    As a final comment on the show - its time to stop flogging a dead horse (Taiwan), and move on.

    I love Taiwan, but I admit, there is very little to offer foreigners looking for travel thrills, adventure, or even relaxation in Taiwan.

    A good and dare I say, brave job well done! Now move onto something with more workable material. It should test Janet's mettle a little more.

  8. I actually agree with you. I don't watch her shows anymore, they are boring, she is trying to make Taiwan look like Wonderland. For someone who claimed to be MIT student, going to doctor school, learning martial arts, blah, blah, blah, she is here posting her pictures in men magazine, cheap tabloids magazines, and polluting buses and boards with her pictures, ads, etc, she is another narcissist Taiwanese here to tell them that she has done more than others. But with all her activities here in Taiwan and traveling to lots of places, doing interviews, her "medical career"is also another fake item that she is going to put in her pedigree. This is what I see in her, comes a Spanish degree MIT nobody to Taiwan and try to make a career here because in the States she is a nobody.

  9. An ABC girl wrote me this about Janet. It's so true.

    "Janet from the travel channel drives me insane, the moment I see her on tv I switch channels hahaha. I think you might be right about her, how she overacts everything and she makes everything even picking up trash seem like such a fun thing.... I think she's a bit too hyper for my liking."

  10. I think Janet is a hypocrite. She overreacts and pretends to be hyperactive coz it's needed for her show. But I think when she's alone, she's like, duh! What the hell was that?

  11. With so many talented people in Taiwan why did they choose this feather brain gal? There are lots of girls that are prettier and actually have real brain, not a lot of cheap talk and fake big smile. And for those who are trying to point out her MIT degree, it is SPANISH, and last that I heard, she can't ever utter enough Spanish words to her Spanish speaking friends. There is a reason she is here doing this silly show, she can't do better in her country.

  12. I'm also from Texas and been traveling around Asia. In my honest opinion Taiwan is very polluted, not really interesting compared to Japan or Bali but it is more livable than Cambodia or Thailand. About Janet, well she is paid to spread the good word (or better saying lies)about Taiwan. Who is going to spit on the hand that is paying for her popularity here, bags, dresses, make-up and food? And she always travels overseas for her vacations despite all her talking about Taiwan being so fun.

  13. Wow, check this out. Janet herself posted the link to this blog on her Facebook page. When she did, a hundred of her fans came to her defense, in a very subjective manner too. lol Have a look:

    I must say I'm quite surprised. I would have thought that she would have tried to ignore this blog as much as possible. That's what I would do if I were her. Perhaps she gets off a little on the existence of this blog? Fascinating...

    Also, one of her fans in response to my critique, put up a blog post called "In Defense of Janet Hsieh" here:

    How funny.

    In my next post, I will make some comments about this.

  14. I kinda agree, Everytime I watched her show, and tried to like it, I became so tired with all the smiles and her crazy eyes. Maybe I'm not into an over-happy people. She looked fine in personality, and very fine in physical appearance, but I just can't stand her shouting excitement and all those crazy eyes looks, which for me, had reached to annoying level for a tv show. I couldn't focus on the places, My eyes were exhausted following her jumpy and too much happiness-style. Her shows are my least favorite TLC shows.

  15. You need to keep in mind that Janet isn't a trained actress or host. Her training was Pre-med prior to coming to Taiwan. Also, she's a host of a travel channel in Taiwan. This isn't exactly the most International country in the world. There isn't the cut throat training which a host would experience moving up the ranks hosting in a place like HK or NYC. Considering her background and the place, she's doing a okay job. The real test will be if she can host shows outside of Taiwan. Assuming that is her ambition.

  16. So, once you read everything putting down Janet Hsieh and praising Winston Wu, you get to the bottom and find it was all written by...Winston Wu! He talks about himself as if he were an objective third party. Deceptive.
    Then he misinterprets a sacred scripture to claim "All religions and spiritual belief systems teach that glory comes through suffering and endurance." What Jesus actually said was “Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest. Take my yoke upon you and learn from me, for I am gentle and humble in heart, and you will find rest for your souls. For my yoke is easy and my burden is light.” (Matt 11:28-30) Rest, not suffering. Get it right, or better still, don't talk about things you know nothing about.
    Spreading hate towards another person does NOT make you shine by comparison. It only demonstrates how sad and twisted you are inside.

  17. Brus,
    I do know what I am talking about. You only quoted one verse from a Bible that contradicts itself and is internally inconsistent. Every objective researcher of religion knows that. You forgot that the Bible contains verses such as this too:

    Philippians 1:29
    "For it has been granted to you on behalf of Christ not only to believe on him, but also to suffer for him"

  18. maybe what you have written contain some truth. but bashing other people and praising yourself is so lame. get a life dude

  19. fu manchu or wu manchu get a life

  20. "Look at Winston Wu's writings. Notice how vacant and self-absorbed they are. They do not show one who is rich and soulful on the inside. Instead, they show an empty airhead on the inside." Please tell Mr Wu that his self-description as an intellectual, and then spending that considerable intellectual prowess on writing a screed against someone who happens to be more famous than he, proves only one thing: Being a wannabe intellectual hasn't stopped you from being a douche. There is one major difference between you and Janet Hsieh, Mr Wu. She is a likeable, warm and generous-spirited human being, and you - you are none of those things.

  21. It seems the only good thing Winston Wu is good at is SEO.

    I actually read that "article" about democracy and Taiwan being a horrible place, and discovered that his "intellectual" thoughts are basically a mixture of conspiracy theory and poppycock. No educated American thinks America is literally a democracy, nor does anybody think that living in a "free" country means that people can do or say whatever they want. Winston wrote some obvious things, then claims that he's one of the few that's figured it out. There's also a glaring lack of footnotes in his essay, so at least we know it's very well-researched....

    And then there's a bunch of claims that show Winston's lack of knowledge on topics he talks about. Such as Janet being fake. If he's never met her, then how does he know that she's faking it, and that that's not how she is in person? (I HAVE met her personally, and I remember her as a pretty upbeat girl). Winston also doesn't know how the TV industry in Taiwan works (for new show concepts, people create a show with their own money, then pay the networks to broadcast it. If it gets good ratings FOR A WHOLE SEASON, THEN the network pays for the rights to it and/or hires the team, and only then do they start paying the original show creators.).

    Also, Winston likely possesses few social skills. He cries on and on about Asian males not being treated well, but it just sounds like a lot of blaming others for his own bad experiences. Having lived in Taipei for a year as an ABC (that would make me an Asian male), one of the best things about the place was the friendly people! People everywhere were extremely friendly, you could talk to anybody on the street, young or old, and talking to girls there was much easier than in the States, because they will almost always talk back (maybe Winston acted like a creeper? I'm below-average in the looks department, and all I had to do was smile and say hi). I have literally walked into random KTV rooms, introduced myself, and then drank and sang with strangers for hours (didn't do this all the time, but maybe once a month or so?). I would then observe how that behavior would not fly in the USA. It is hard to approach a group of club-goers in LA without them staring you down. In Taipei, however, any night at Room18 could be spiced up by just walking up to random groups, and they happily integrate you into their plans for the night. Girls there are NOT that conservative, and I actually watched a documentary about how Taiwanese girls are getting more and more dynamic to the point that there is a large portion of their population that is barhopping into their 30's and marrying later.

    Winston, anecdotal evidence from people that have similar experiences to you means very little. You must ask for stories from people that are nothing like you, to allow for the possibility that your personality (or other factors) is the culprit. I'm not claiming to be one of those "lucky" ones that succeeded in to social or dating scenes. In fact, if you go hang outside a club like Spark or Primo, you will see tons of people just happily socializing with each other, just like any other country. Because guess what! People in Taiwan like to have fun, too! There's no anti-fun culture being taught there. How about you balance your anecdotal evidence with mine and my Taiwanese friends? Or that of all the ABC's that love visiting Taiwan every year in the summer or Christmas or Chinese New Years?

    In closing, this comment is more for the readers than for you, Winston. I'm afraid this is likely to fall on deaf ears (though one can hope), but hopefully others who end up here will remember to appreciate Janet and her show for what it's supposed to do, highlighting what can be fun and entertaining in and around
    Taiwan, not what you perceive her personality to be without ever having met her.

    1. Christopher,
      Why do you say that Janet isn't fake because she's "upbeat"?! WTF are you smoking?! If you had said that she isn't fake because she's "authentic, down to earth, no nonsense, straightforward, brutally honest and tells it like it is", then you could argue that she's not fake. But "upbeat"? WTF? Are you some retard?

      How can you say that Taiwanese are "NOT conservative"? WTF? EVERYONE knows that they are. Ask any honest sincere Taiwanese person and they will tell you that Taiwan girls are very "bao so" (conservative/inhibited/closed). Note that they are not a little "bao so" but VERY "bao so". It's common knowledge in Taiwan and no one denies it. So why do you?

      Saying that Taiwanese girls are not conservative is like saying that Hitler was not insane. It's a preposterous statement. In fact, every atom and molecule in Taiwan is conservative. The entire energy field and social atmosphere in Taiwan is conservative. There is nothing that is not conservative in Taiwan. Why do you think you have to act super innocent when out with people in Taiwan?

      Do you have some self-interest in spreading these lies about Janet Hsieh and Taiwan? Why are you giving totally false info that contradicts what everyone knows as fact? You are weird. It's like you have never been to Taiwan or something.

      Look dude. I'm Taiwanese and I love Taiwan because of that. But the facts are the facts:

      - It is extremely conservative, the most conservative country I've ever been to. People ignore you if they don't know you and treat you like you don't exist. When you are alone in Taiwan, you are totally invalidated and alienated. It's a terrible feeling.
      - Taiwanese are very cliquish and only hang in groups. They are insecure as individuals. The individual has no value and no identity. Groups are everything in Taiwan's social atmosphere. No one dares go out alone unless they are on their way to school or work. You will never see anyone going alone to a restaurant, cafe, pub, theater, etc. You will be seen as a loser if you go out alone in Taiwan. It's easier to meet people if you're in a group than alone - it's all about cliques.
      - The only people that freely talk to strangers in Taiwan are middle age and elderly people. (similar to the US) This is an obvious fact, yet amazingly not a single website mentions it other than mine.
      - 80 percent of the girls are either cute or hot, but they have a cold wall around them which makes it VERY uncomfortable and creepy to try to approach them or meet them. 99.99 percent of guys would never start up a conversation with a girl they don't know in Taiwan. The girls are all look and no touch - a total downer.

      These facts and general tendencies in Taiwan are undeniable to any sincere normal person. I have a mountain of proof to support this.

      See these photos:

      See these 10 logical reasons with many expat letters:

      PS - I'm going to create a new post in response to your lies and BS.

  22. Christopher, why are you FUCKING LYING? I SWEAR TO GOD! EVERYONE I've talked to in Taiwan has admitted that Taiwanese are VERY closed, VERY conservative, and have a COLD WALL around them. You sound like some fake TV personality, not a real life person.

    WTF are you? I have references and credibility. You don't. Check my third party references here:

    They include personal and professional.

    You met Janet and she's upbeat? So what? Being upbeat means she isn't fake? Every sane honest down to earth person thinks Janet is fake. I've talked to plenty of them. Janet is just an image, a joke, no one takes her seriously. It's very obvious from her personality on TV. Nothing she says is deep or intellectual or meaningful. Same goes for you. You must be some mangina puppet.

    Can I offer you money? Show me that you can cold approach girls in Taiwan (which they don't like and is seen as inappropriate) and I'll give you $200. So far, no guy has had the guts to cold approach girls in Taiwan. 99 percent of guys don't have the guts to do it.

    There is no country in the world where girls are more conservative than in Taiwan. That's the truth and fact. Your denial doesn't change it. I can prove what I say easily.

    See these 10 logical reasons here about why Taiwan is NOT a dating/pick up paradise, which everyone knows, and only a few anonymous internet BSers deny.

    It's very airtight and conclusive and is a mountain of evidence on 10 lines.

    What do you mean by social skills? That's a myth and shaming tactic. See my article about that here:

    The Myth and Fallacy of Social Skills

    I'm telling it like it is. You are lying and BSing Christopher. Name your price. I'll pay it if you can demonstrate that Taiwanese girls are approachable to male strangers. You know they are not. Yet you lie and BS. Hard to find honest people in this world.

    Why do you lie so much Christopher? Don't you have a conscience? I swear.

    A lot of my friends say that I'm one of the few they know that tell it like it is.

  23. Christopher,
    Also, check out what this white expat in Taipei, who's lived there for 10 years, said about my observations about cold Taiwanese girls:

    "I didnt realize there were so many hot and international women in such a small town as Chia-yi haha

    but, you know, i think i might be starting to believe you. dont get me wrong, as a white guy in Taiwan, I've done ok with the ladies. But, most of those have taken some work, and certainly, at the beginning, most of those women were cold and standoffish like you mentioned. But, after considering they way u describe it, i think my success with women here (what little i've had) is probably inspite of the situation here, not because of it. Not to toot my own horn, but I'm a single middle-aged guy, ok looking, not overweight, have a respectable job, dress well, speak fluent Chinese, i'm even a private pilot for goodness sake. in any other country, i would probably be getting way more women than i am here. it's just so hard to get past that cold wall they all have.....maybe that's why i find myself spending more and more time in the Philippines.... "

    He also notes how Taiwanese treat you well if they know you, but if you are a stranger, you don't exist to them. That's typical Taiwanese character all right, esp of Taiwanese girls. Very true.

    "ya, this is kind of the way Taiwan is. or, i should say Chinese society and probably east asian society (i.e., korea, japan, china). i've actually tried to explain it too. chinese are very very nice and helpful if they know you personally. if you are a friend, they will really bend over backwards to be nice and helpful. but, for people they dont know, there really is zero connection. the reason i know that is because if you go in an elevator, you will see lots of girls fixing their makeup or their hair in the mirror with lots of other people in the elevator. they have zero self-consciousness about the other people in the elevator because they dont know them and its like they dont exist. for us, we would not be able to do that just because we would still feel their presence. but, for chinese, they dont know these people, therefore its like the dont exist.

    you're right. it's tough. and it's one of the difficult things that ive had to deal with living in taiwan. and maybe why i like going to phil so often.

    actually, i was just reading an article that a guy wrote in Japan that sounds very similar to experiences in Taiwan. you should check it out. "

    Also, this Hungarian guy on CouchSurfing also told me that Taiwanese are a lot more closed than people in his own country:

    "Hi Winston!

    Sorry for the late reply. Wasn't around for a while...

    I think Chiayi has not much place to go, it has one club, called 'Gaga sport club' or something like this. There are a lot of small pubs. If you are driving around in the city you can find some for sure. But i can not really help you with this because I seldom go to pubs or clubbing.
    And because I am a foreigner, the local people are very kind to me. So probably I have a different experience here. But I agree, the people are more closed here, more closed than in my country, if it comes to something more than a superficial conversation. But this is a general phenomena in Taiwan, I guess.
    Now you are saying here in Taiwan?

    Take care,


    EVERY honest down to earth person admits that Taiwan is closed and that girls are the most conservative in the world. No doubt about it. Name one country where girls are more conservative than in Taiwan? You can't. So how come you don't know what everybody knows Christopher? Why do you lack common sense and honesty?

    Even in the Middle East, girls are open and relaxed toward strangers and easy to talk to. Chatting them up is like breathing, it's effortless.

  24. Christopher,
    A friend of mine who is a retired therapist and expert in psychology, also said that Taiwan is no different socially than America:

    "Hey Winston,

    Of course it is normal to feel the depressive feelings you are feeling in the sterilized culture of Taiwan. You are in a place where you feel isolated and have few people that understand you and so far as I know, you do not even speak the local languauge. As I told you, I have been to Taiwan and it is not much different (to me) socially than being in the United States.
    You probably need to make a move and plan your trip to China because otherwise you will probably sink more into a depressive funk. It is quite normal given your lack of sexual, lack of connection and feelings of being misunderstood (which are real feelings) by your family and the culture at large.

    Remember, it is not YOU--it is THEM!!!! You are just in a place that doesn't fit your needs and it is beginning to wear on you. Find a place that fits your needs and the rest will take care of itself. "

  25. " Sure, Janet has looks, popularity, money, and a fun life. She may be a great girl by conventional standards. But her assets and qualities are ordinary and shallow. She is not original in any way at all. She does not revolutionize anything or have great vision to change things, society and people's lives. She does not help end suffering in the world, or fight evil or injustice, or debunk lies, propaganda and illusion. She does not even think “outside the box”, nor has she shown that she can. She is a conformist, like most females are."

    Ok, Winson,
    I believe you are the best of world, you sure have good looking, money, whatever that is good and you held end suffering in the world, fight evil or injustice, or debunk lies, propaganda and illusion. Do you?

    Who do you think you are? You think you are the godness that can do everything and win everyone?
    Sure you are an cultured gentleman too.

  26. omg winston, can u like, stop bitching about taiwanese girls? just cuz you couldn't get laid?

    No but seriously, your other blog post on the four worst things about Taiwan was pathetic and completely biased. I would only agree with 4, but even so some people like my friend find beauty in the old, worn down architecture. I think they're also much more appealing to look at than your face too.

  27. I don't know whether to just laugh at this or what....?

    Gosh, Mr. Wu! So pathetic! Get a life! A real one! You call this a critique? There's nothing truly critical in this writing. Gosh. And you were speaking in third person, too? Comparing yourself to her, trying to prove that you're better than her or everyone else, for that matter...trying to sound like you're the only one in the world who's able to think critically perfectly. What an idiot. And it seemed like you were only trying to put down Janet Hsieh (and, sounded to me, other Taiwanese people as well) to try to lift yourself up and get some attention.

    Look, like i said, get a life and try to find something that would genuinely make you happy without feeling the need to put anyone else down.

    Such a waste of time writing something that long that doesn't even have substance. And ironically, you want to make it seem like it does and that the person you're criticizing doesn't. Just makes me feel sorry for you.

    Such a waste of energy criticizing a girl that much, and she doesn't even pose as a bad influence to young girls or anyone. For me, she's a good role model, as she shows that it's okay to be yourself and that we don't have to conform to societies' standards of beauty. We could be whoever we want to be -- an adventurous extrovert, a reflective introvert, etc.

    She's not even hurting anyone except maybe (unintentionally) annoy some people like you. Probably 'cause you know that she's found something to do that she loves, makes her happy and she's passionate about. So just find something like that for yourself, dude. And good luck. I really mean it. :)

  28. I also would just like to add that yes, all countries, such as Taiwan, have a dark side, issues of their own, and some old customs that are not pleasant. Yes, maybe Janet doesn't talk about these things, or we're just not aware she does. If maybe you have suggested to her that those things are also worth exposing aside from the fun side of Taiwan, then I would be convinced that your writing is truly critical. But no. What I really saw in your writing were just personal attacks on Janet Hsieh (and on people of Taiwanese/Chinese descent in a very generalizing way, as I've also read in your replies).

    But then again, the dark side of Taiwan wouldn't be appropriate to be shown in a show called 'Fun Taiwan!' ..or maybe just not in bulk. So maybe just suggest to her to do that in another program. I'd definitely watch that. It'd still be educational, and I don't think I would think less of Taiwan or its people. None's perfect. Even my country and our people have issues and dark parts in our history.

    Dude, all you did in this blog was criticize and make yourself sound all-knowing when you weren't even able to make concrete solutions or make suggestions in the end to make things better with what you think are such big bad issues regarding Janet Hsieh. Well, I don't really know if you'd be able to do that since what you've written were just personal attacks, as I said, and not genuinely critical like you think.

    So next time, think deeper before you write. Try not to make disparaging people your hobby.

  29. This link explains the real reason why your blog exists:

  30. Winston....I don't even know where to start...whether I should start with the shameless self-promotion or EVERYTHING in the TOTAL BILGE article that I just chanced upon a couple days ago about Janet Hsieh that you authored.

    First, what makes you think you are a "credible source"? What makes you think you are a freethinking "intellectual"? From what I can tell from what I've read, you are neither. Of course, that is my opinion, but guess what? that is exactly what your scathing "exposé" of Janet Hsieh is: opinion. Not fact. There are absolutely NO FACTS in it like you try to present it as. The places she promotes are boring and not like she makes them out to be? So what? that is YOUR opinion, and NOT fact.

    Second, what is with your list of "accomplishments" and "firsts"? Starting the "first website to bash Janet Hsieh"? Does that sound impressive to you? Are you TRYING to waste our time? Do you feel like you've made even a TINY impact on human society, or even the TAIWANESE community, with that? Because you haven't. My native Taiwanese friends have heard of Janet Hsieh, and yet have never heard of YOU OR your scathing waste-of-time article that I was so unfortunate to come across. That is both pathetic and hilarious to the EXTREME. Not the wasting my time part, though. That one is just unfortunate. The way you think yourself as "famous" when Janet Hsieh posted about your "professional critique" 2 and a half years ago, like you emerged the ultimate victor from a hundred-year-war, is ALSO pathetic and hilarious to the extreme. Janet Hsieh facebooked about your blog! Good for you, Winston. A celebrity that you bashed on and decided to not see as a celebrity gave your petty blog some notoriety and attention. Good for you.

    to be continued...

  31. continued:

    Now, I don't know you, Winston. Nor do I even want to know you or care about you. I didn't read your whole self-flattering article about your 10 accomplishments, nor did I read this whole article. I simply don't care enough about you OR your opinions. You made no real effort to dig underneath and actually expose some REAL facts about Janet Hsieh that people don't know and would discredit her OR write particularly well. You're not a very good journalist or blogger. That's fine. How about any other accomplishments? Did you write a smartphone app that has over 5 million downloads on itunes or the playstore? Did you discover a new chemical compound that has found industrial use? Did you write or publish your own book and has it been acclaimed by any famous critics? If not, you are not only NOT an intellectual, you are nobody. It sounds like you are trying to make it big using the internet, but again, I don't know you. For all I know, the ONLY medium you use to publish your "intellectual works" is the INTERNET. lul really? Winston, know your place. People like YOU, acting all contemptuous and PRETENDING to be some enlightened intellectual, make the internet look like a fucking joke. I saw Janet on a show recently, and thought she looked hot, so I googled her to learn more about her and find her wiki page. Sex sells, see, Winston? And your face definitely would NOT sell, not that it matters squat. Yet, your webpage was one of the first pages listed, and it caught my attention because, I thought you might have some intelligent things to say about Janet. I was wrong. Not only did I have to look at your ugly mug AND I learn NOTHING about Janet from your worthless post, your scathing post didn't even influence ANYTHING that I thought about her. It just made me wonder why you sound so angry at Janet in your posts. Did you desperately and unsuccessfully try to chase her romantically or something? After all, both you and Janet are ABC's, are you not? Yea, maybe that last question directed to you was irrelevant and a bit fucked up, but not as fucked up as your baseless, "intellectual" "critique" of Janet Hsieh was. I still can't believe you actually quoted famous people here, and tried to make yourself look good, like you were some learned academic. That quote about the American public hating truth tellers the most was one of the weakest and most irrelevant quotes to the topic of ANY written piece I have EVER seen. Shows how much of an intellectual YOU are.

  32. oh and forgot to ask you, Winston: are you trying to be like Perez Hilton, insulting celebrities to gain fame? Because that most certainly would NOT be a first. Nor an intellectual endeavor, which I doubt you have the capacity for, anyways. Not in my books, not in anybody's books.

  33. ok, does your Taiwanese friends or families holds a black belt in Taekwondo or a professionally trained sushi chef or even just a circus performer, I bet you don't. And you are no one to say that she is not special or her personalities are fake because everyone in the world are all special.

  34. And by the way, she actually spent time in India as a community outreach volunteer after she graduated from college. You said she did not help out the community what's your reason this time, this clearly shows that you don't have a strong evidence to back your arguments up, and maybe you're just trying to say that Wisnton wu is a most freethinker Asian male because clearly he is losing.

  35. And Taiwanese wont chat with you without proper introduction because they know how to protect themselves.

  36. She compliments everything around her because she appreciate everything not like you, and maybe you're are PAID of doing these things too.

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