Monday, December 3, 2012

7 Major Problems with Taiwan Girls - Terrible beyond words!

Although Taiwanese girls are comparable with the most beautiful females in the world, they are also among the most difficult and come with a barrage of major negative traits, personality problems and difficult obstacles. Here are 7 big problems with them that will give you an idea about why I find Taiwan to be the most BORING place on the planet, as well as the WORST place for dating girls in the world. Each one of these is bad enough, but combined, they make Taiwanese girls not even worth the effort.

1. Taiwanese girls are extremely COLD and CLOSED. They are extremely stuck up and project an extreme cold wall around them that is very unnatural and inhuman. This is an inherent Taiwanese trait that makes them unapproachable, uptight and unwelcoming. They are not open or relaxed with strangers, like females in most countries are. Compared to Taiwanese women, even reptiles are warm-blooded.

2. The mentality of Taiwanese girls is very narrow, simple and primitive. Thus it's hard to connect or vibe with them. They are on a different wavelength, one that is far more insular than ours. They are the least capable of having intelligent deep conversations. The weird thing is, they expect me to be the same, but I'm not, so they don't know how to process that. This makes everything doubly difficult when combined with #1.

3. Taiwanese girls are very picky, shallow, superficial and judgmental. They have narrow standards and are very particular. It's hard to get them to respond on dating sites. They don't like guys who think for themselves or who are nonconformist in any way. In their mind, nonconformists are losers and intellectualism is weird and uncool. In my experience, as soon as I say something intelligent or deep, or show off that I am nonconformist in any way, many Taiwanese girls drop me and treat me as though I no longer exist to them. So much for being appreciated for being yourself. Add this to the above 2 problems, and the problems and obstacles to dating triple!

4. Taiwanese girls are extremely prudish and view flirtation as taboo and bad. Coming from a very prudish sterile culture, Taiwan girls are themselves very prudish. They won't let guys kiss their hand (like European girls would) and view flirting as a taboo, bad and negative. Taiwan is so prudish in fact, that movies made in Taiwan usually never show any kissing, whereas they do if they are made in mainland China. Thus it can be said that Taiwan is the most prudish country in Asia, and its women are indicative of that especially since women tend to conform to the culture. A culture where you can't even flirt simply SUCKS.

5. Taiwanese girls are very flaky and act like divas. Taiwanese females under 35 are anything but down to earth, and can flake out at any time for any reason, or even no reason. It's hard enough getting them to respond on dating sites. But even when they do, they can flake out suddenly. When they do, they disappear, forget you and ignore your emails/calls for trivial reasons or sometimes no reason.

6. Taiwanese girls tend to have this fake innocence and cheesy corny gay ass "hello kitty" expression. It's hard to explain what I mean. You have to be around them to see what I'm talking about. It's very unnatural, strange and inhuman. I have no idea how to jive with it. And I definitely wouldn't want to try to emulate it. Ewww! Ick! Weird!

7. In social groups and nightclubs in Taiwan, guys tend to outnumber girls, which creates scarcity. The guys who are in the group that the girls are in, are usually either dating the girls, or if not, then they are shielding the girls from being approached by other guys. Total cockblock. Again, this totally sucks, and when combined with the above, make the dating scene terrible beyond words and not even worth the effort.

So you see, all the above compounds to make Taiwan the WORST dating scene I've ever experienced, as well as the most BORING uneventful place. It's like everything is against you. Geez! All the above combined are horrible beyond words, and make it not even worth the effort. All Taiwan offers you is food and work. But for dating, love, romance and sex, it totally SUCKS, is overly difficult, uptight, stuck up and very depriving. In fact, no negative words in English that I can think of can describe how terrible it is and how badly it sucks. Thus all I can say is that it is "terrible beyond words".

What's worse, you aren't allowed to say anything negative in Taiwan. The social culture is very politically correct and you are only allowed to say nice positive things about Taiwan. So you can't even tell the truth or express how you really feel without violating this social rule! Geez. At least let a guy be honest for crying out loud. It sucks having to pretend that you like something you don't.


  1. Sounds like you are just upset because your "America Status" did not automatically attract and gain the attention of Taiwanese girls as opposed to . . . let's say, girls in China.

    you mad bro?

  2. This scribble of works depicts that nobody would like to date with you coz you are possessing those 7 traits you just wrote about others.

    If you hate Taiwan go to the other country, no one asks you to come. No one ask you to date with TW girls. THere are so many options and maybe you just don't deserve the best of the TW girls that's all.

  3. Basically you just wrote about how you are a date failure.

    Or how you fail as a human identity.

  4. how do you expect to find true love in night club?

  5. If you're reading this, please don't get down on Taiwanese girls because of this sad, lonely rage machine. Notice the dates of posts... He's been moaning for years, so clearly he gets something out of it. It's easy to pick apart a culture from the outside. Taiwanese people aren't always awesome, but the awesome ones definitely outweigh the douchebags. Which can't always be said about the expat community. I'm not always sure which camp of the expat community I belong in myself.

    So here's my response...

    1. No.
    2. Sometimes, but the same can be said if you substitute "humans" for "Taiwanese girls."
    3. See #2. (I see the pickiness has weeded out this author, so this may be a chicken-egg problem.)
    4. Really? Where are YOU going to party?
    5. Frankly, so do the foreigners here (as one of them myself).
    6. Leaving aside the horribly constructed title, yes. But so what? Taiwan has simply perfected the "selfie."
    7. No again. There are certain "pickup" spots that may show this dynamic, but that's about it. My theory is that at lot of the nightclub-aged men are doing their mandatory military service or working their asses off in an office. Either way, women seem to match or outnumber men in most nightclubs.

    And Janet Hsieh is popular because she charismatic and wildly talented. She certainly not my cup of tea, but one doesn't need to be a fan to have some respect.

  6. Lmfao, Good article mate. what's better is to watch all these Taiwanese f8ggot trolls desperately trying to make themselves look tiny bit better by attacking the poster. Get a grib, and get over your INFERIORITY COMPLEX Taiwan-chinks. :)

    PS: taiwan is known for being a slave state of China which makes them lag behind all the other East Asian countries, thus they suffer from a HUGE INFERIORITY COMPLEX which is WIDELY KNOWN across the world.

    Inferiority complex is a trademark of Taiwan, heh. :P

    1. Therefore almost all of the women in Taiwan literally throw themselves to WHITE/CAUCASIAN MEN.

  7. ummm... i think there are many Tiwanese girls that are open to dating foreigners. Yes they are conservative sometimes, but if you can become friends and then maybe more.
    I think some of the girls below 30 are sometimes immature (think teenager).
    I think the negativity of the article is pretty unfounded.

    Anyone wanting to date a Taiwanese girl, just be nice, be polite, show respect.
    Dont be a cock !

  8. I disagree with pretty much everything this guys says. (Except #6) haha. I meet plenty of Taiwanese girls and they are lovely.

  9. In my opinion the op just described himself failing with tw girls.

    I had no problem to bang this model chick when i met her in a nightclub in taipei during a business trip, i didn't even know she was a model and quite famous until the next morning when i caught her on her phone posting stuff on her facebook with almost a hundred and thousand followers.

    Maybe you should just realize that your american methods with girls aren't universal.

  10. This is offence and totally false.

  11. most of the women that fall in these 7 categories are probably the ones that got raised by bad parents.

  12. I think one of the channels people know about Taiwan girls is via some of the Taiwan talk show. And some of the artists do admit the way they are doing it in the show is for entertainment mainly. I guess they are quite different in their real life?
    Another interesting about Taiwanese girls is