Monday, January 14, 2013

Help Counterbalance Janet Hsieh's Lies About Taiwan By Sharing These Links

If you would like to help counterbalance Janet Hsieh's LIES and FALSEHOODS about Taiwan being so wonderful, beautiful and friendly, then share these links below with others to help spread the truth, however taboo it may be. She presents Taiwan as a wonderland, which any normal sane person can see is NOT true at all, but in fact is the opposite of the truth.

In reality, Taiwan is a very repressed society with a bland boring culture comprised of cold robotic people with no passion or soul. People are very uptight, stuck up, and hard to connect with. They seem like plastic mannequins, not truly alive or human. There is nothing to grow your soul in Taiwan. Time just passes with no meaning or special memories, and life there is just wasted. The nature, climate, landscape and architecture in Taiwan are mostly drab and ugly, so it is not even a truly beautiful country (at least not most of it). Thus, Janet Hsieh is WRONG on all counts regarding Taiwan, and is merely a paid propagandist telling lies to promote tourism.

She may dominate the TV, but we can dominate the web easily by disseminating accurate information in a strategic manner from high ranking webpages on Blogger (which ranks very high in Google since it is owned by them).

Links to share to spread the truth about Taiwan:

The Four Biggest Problems With Taiwan
Taiwanese people are empty shells with no soul or emotions
10 Reasons Why Taiwan is not good for social life, fun, happiness or romance
The Dark Side of Taiwan
The Pros and Cons of Taiwan
Taboo Observations and Truths About Taiwan


  1. Dude you are pretty much a pathetic, worthless ,waste of a human life.

    1. Telling the truth and being honest, deep and insightful is not pathetic. If you think so, then you are one of the "insane" that's conformed to an "insane society" according to Eric Fromm.

  2. Taiwan is not perfect I admit but it sure isn't as negative as you make it to be. People have emotions, soul etc you just have to meet the right people and present the correct attitude.

  3. notice how we always tell a whiner "hey you're pathetic," their reaction is always "i'm telling the truth!" The fact is, you're not telling the truth. You're telling a highly biased opinion. Janet Hsieh is annoying but not nearly as annoying as this blog. It is pretty pathetic that you would put so much effort in doing this to hurt someone's feelings. That's what I can't stand.. your arrogance. The hurt inside of you bleeds out. Do you know that? No matter how bad the circumstances, try lifting someone up. You might feel better about yourself.

  4. Please go get a life. Taiwan isn't perfect but no countries are. The thought that you think you are making a point by repeating the exact same thing over and over and over again, in every article of this blog, with no evidence based on reputable sources , is just hilarious. By saying that someone must be "insane" because they don't agree with you shows how narrowminded you are and you're just living in your own little pathetic world.