Saturday, March 24, 2012

Is Janet Hsieh running away from something in America? What are her dark secrets?

Recently, I met an American expat in Taiwan who told me that he heard a rumor that Janet Hsieh was actually running away from something in America, unknown to most of her fans.

In a thread about her on Forumosa, a poster asked:

"I always wondered why a smart well-educated woman, MIT no less, who wanted to become a medical doctor and save lives as a doctor, would give up all
that training and braininess to come to Taiwan and hawk crap products on TV and star in some cool travel shows? Okay, for two years, three years, cool, bit Janet's been here forever now doing this same same thing, and sure she's making a good living at it, but she comes from a wealthy family stateside, it's not like she needs the money. What derailed her from her real life? This TV life in Taiwan is fake. Sure, she has the adoration of thousands of teen fans around the island, is that a life? I wonder if there is something about her that she is running away from. like her family in Texas, or former lovers at MIT, or her own sense of who she is in terms of persoanlity and sexuality. I am sure she is a good person and certainly has a sunny personlity for sure. But there is something missing. Honesty. She's hiding behind something. Of course,
The llocals cannot see it, they just see glamour girl and glam girl.....but no boyfriend, no husband, no kids, she seems like those other TV talents who were were
famous for a while and then disppeared: Chocolate and Jen Locker. Is Janet folling herself, too?"

Now, I wouldn't agree that being a doctor and working long stressful hours with no freedom, relaxation or travel is better than being a TV host. But we all have skeletons in the closet and things we are ashamed of in our past. Could people like Janet, who act overly fake and polyannish, be doing so as a front to mask some insecurity deep down? It's very possible. What dark secrets does Janet Hsieh have, I wonder.

Anyway, if anyone knows what he might be talking about, please let us know by posting in the comment section below. Or if anyone has heard anything about any of her dark secrets, feel free to share.