Monday, December 3, 2012

7 Major Problems with Taiwan Girls - Terrible beyond words!

Although Taiwanese girls are comparable with the most beautiful females in the world, they are also among the most difficult and come with a barrage of major negative traits, personality problems and difficult obstacles. Here are 7 big problems with them that will give you an idea about why I find Taiwan to be the most BORING place on the planet, as well as the WORST place for dating girls in the world. Each one of these is bad enough, but combined, they make Taiwanese girls not even worth the effort.

Thursday, November 22, 2012

New Taboo Observations About Taiwan - Warning: Offensive

The following is an intellectual take on a non-intellectual culture.

Taiwan has a very politically correct social culture that is superficial, practical, conformist, insular, cliquish, repressed and non-intellectual. There is an unspoken but obvious social rule that around others, you are always expected to act positive and cheerful, and only talk about superficial things. Anything to the contrary will weird people out, especially young adults, and may ostracize you from social groups. So you can't be negative (no matter how justified) or talk about deep things in Taiwan without looking like a misfit.

What this means is that if you are unhappy or don't like something in Taiwan (and there is a lot to dislike in Taiwan, that's for sure) then no one wants to hear about it, unless you have a close and understanding friend. For example, even though it's obvious that Taiwanese are generally closed, repressed and narrow, you are not allowed to SAY that they are. It's like the Emperor's New Clothes syndrome. In that sense, you are not allowed to tell the truth in Taiwan.

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

To Shaun Bettinson: Why Taiwan Sucks - Boring, Miserable, Repressed

Dear Shaun Bettinson,

I read a few articles about your bizarre campaign to get everyone in Taiwan to say "I love Taiwan" and photograph themselves doing so, for no reason other than the sake of it. So I was wondering what you suggest about my no win situation in Taiwan. See here:

Also, check out my article of the pros and cons of Taiwan, which lists things that other sites don't list, that are taboo, yet obvious, but other people don't have the guts to talk about. Let me know what you think.

Anyhow, I have a question for you: Why should I raise up my hands and say "I love Taiwan" given the following:

What's the point of living in Taiwan if you don't get any attention from cute girls? I get attention from girls in most other foreign countries - e.g. Russia, Ukraine, Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Poland, Mexico, Philippines (see here for hard proof: - but not in Taiwan. So how can Taiwan be so wonderful like you and everyone says?

Girls treat me like shit here, which undermines my ego and self-esteem. They are super cliquish and uptight about not talking to strangers (especially males) unless introduced by a mutual friend. Why should I love or enjoy that, just because it's taboo to say anything negative about Taiwan's social scene?

The biggest reason why Taiwan sucks is that to meet girls or try to get dates, I have to try to walk UPSTREAM against a raging river. If I go downstream and "go with the flow" I get nothing - no love, romance or sex. Everything in Taiwan goes against my love/sexual satisfaction. In Taiwan, I'm in a constant state of DEPRIVATION. It feels like everything is against me. I'm not allowed to flirt, talk to female strangers I like, approach girls without feeling like a creep/criminal, and they don't give me attention and won't offer to meet me if I chat with them on the internet, etc. That just plain SUCKS for sure.

So why should I raise my hands and say "I love Taiwan" in spite of that, just because Shaun Bettinson says so? Get real. How can Taiwan be so wonderful, if I can't even get girls I like to meet up with me, and none of the experts I know in Taiwan can help me? On dating sites and on Facebook, about 1 in 100 Taiwan girls I like respond to me, and among those that do, none of them ever want to meet up! WTF?! All they do is make excuses excuses excuses about being busy all the time... blah blah blah. So how can Taiwan be so wonderful?! WTF?

In contrast, in other foreign countries (besides USA, Canada and Taiwan), girls are happy to meet me and they will OFFER to when I am in their area. So why not Taiwan? What is the problem with Taiwan? Why are Taiwan girls so damn difficult and uptight about meeting up? It's crazy! And it totally sucks!

Having hot girls everywhere who ignore you and expect you to mind your own business while they mind theirs is a depressing society. What kind of guy likes that? What kind of life is it to be constantly deprived and unsatisfied in the areas of love, sex and romance? That SUCKS.

It's no different than living in the US. So what's the point of living in Taiwan? There's no advantage other than lower cost of living. Socially, it's no different to me than the US. At least in America, the air is fresher, cleaner and more healthy, drivers are more polite, and there is always a place to park your car.

Thus I have every right to say that Taiwan sucks, even though it contracts the popular cliche on every Taiwan website/blog that says "Taiwan is so wonderful and friendly!" Why should I conform to that? Is conforming more important than telling the truth? Should I conform or be honest?

Also, everything feels so repressed, stiff and miserable in Taiwan. It's like there is a wall or barrier around everything that blocks me from being who I am and doing what I want to do. That sucks. I can't be myself in Taiwan and I'm not allowed to tell the truth either. What could be more invalidating than that?

In fact, Taiwan is actually one of the less interesting countries in the world. Workaholic cultures tend to be less interesting, because they lack passion and soul. The environment is very sterile. There's no romance, passion, love, special moments, special memories, camaraderie with others, or intellectualism. Instead, there's extreme repression and misery. Interactions are cold, fake and financially based. Women are very cold, difficult and picky. And young people are not interesting to talk to, but are eggheads and not very bright. All people care about is work and food. In addition, the architecture is ugly and consists of ugly slabs of concrete, and the natural scenery is bland and nothing spectacular. How is that any better than America?

There also seems to be this dark negative energy vortex in Taiwan. Everywhere I go the vibe feels so negative and miserable 24/7. Why is that? I don't think it's all in my imagination since Taiwan does have a high suicide rate, and people do look extremely repressed and miserable on their faces, which is consistent with the vibe I feel. It's like there are hungry ghosts sucking the life out of you in Taiwan.

In any case, why should I rave about Taiwan being "so wonderful and friendly" just because everyone else does? Why should I put up my hands and say "I love Taiwan" just because Shaun Bettinson says so? Why can't I be honest, rather than appease you and your campaign?

Am I obligated to lie and conform? Or is it better to tell the truth?

Thanks for reading, if you got this far that is.



Shaun Bettinson responded to me by email. You can read his response and mine here:

See also:

Monday, August 13, 2012

Could Janet Hsieh be a lesbian in the closet?

Check out this comment which alleges that Janet Hsieh is probably a lesbian in the closet. What do you think? Could it be true?

"It’s not really a secret, dude. Ever hear of lesbians. She’s gay. No shame there, just like Ellen DeGeneres in USA and Martina Navritiloa and Yani Tseng. But notice in all her years there in Taiwan, i am in Uk by the way, she never had a boyfriend? gay. all her friends know. Just like Anderson Cooper. And for running away, well, you think her parents will stand for their daughter being gay? No way. So she fled. And she’s happy in Asia, as many gay expats are. Nobody bothers them and tawianese peopple could care less which way she bats. That’s the secret of Taiwan, people accept you gay or straight. Janet’s a lez. Period. and no big deal. she will come out sooner or later. why not. but not yet, it would hurt her product endorsement and marketability for now. later when she is 45 she will confess all. they all do."

Saturday, July 28, 2012

Janet Hsieh and the Failure of the Taiwanese Media: Spot On Insights

Check out these insightful comments posted in my Janet Hsieh blogs recently. They are spot on about the fakeness of Janet Hsieh and her act, as well as the failure and desperation of the Taiwanese media to try to garnish attention in the international scene with tasteless over the top fakeness.

"I had nothing else to do and I decided to look up the "unique woman" Janet Hsieh after hearing her ad where she is selling the latest "health supplement" and I found this blog (and your other one as well).

I should start out by saying I am an American expat who is married to a local Taiwanese woman. 10 years of marriage going strong, and we have 2 boys.

I too find Janet a little too-phoney for my tastes. She seems like a model (which she is, apparently) who was offered a job in front of a camera, and she took this job to further her career (possibly back to the USA???).

The series always shows everything about Taiwan in a wonderful light and how fabulous places are here in Taiwan. Yes, there are some nice places, but I have been to a few of the places she has been to and they ain't that good looking. The look good on the camera due to how they film things, yet if you get beyond the range of the camera you will see most are not that great, and some are downright bad.

As for Janet, she will do and probably say anything due to either what her boss tells her what to say or what will help further her career.

If Janet has any courage, she should just report things as they are and not try to embelish them. Granted, a lot of travel shows are like this, such as the former "Lonely Planet"/now "Global Trekker" shows. If you ever read the books about behind-the-scenes-of-"Lonely Planet," you will be amazed at what the support staff go through and what is not shown on the televsion shows.

By the way, did you see te You Tube video where Janet is recruiting people to join her on their show? Only approximately 1900 people veiwed the video (including me). Boy, that went over REAL WELL.

As far as Janet goes, I do not know her so I am only basing on my observations of her "show" and of the various articles I have read of her. And I must say I am none too impressed with her. I feel she is just a somewhat model (only able to get a lot work here in Taiwan and just a tiny amount int he USA as she would be a dime a dozen" model in the USA). My wife flat-out cannot stand her as she knows A LOT of places Janet has been to and calls "B.S." on a lot of what she promotes on her show.

As for the comments on Janet's Facebok profile, I think they reflect the same type of dribble that Hollywood stars get from their fans. The fans only see what is shown on the TV and/or what the "star" (or the star's PR person) want people to see. So let's see what people write after Janet gets caught in a "compromising position." Then we shall see the real Janet Hsieh come out. "

"Coming from America and now living in Taiwan there are very few good shows on TLC here vs back home. All honesty any show Janet hosts rivals Jeremy Lin for the worst and only things to watch on Taiwanese TV.The problem is the Taiwanese have no concept of "overkill" .So if you were a couch potato before you are now REPEATEDLY force fed so much of the same awful television you have to pick up a book and/or new hobby.

Taiwan's lack of confidence as a nation is obvious when they desperately cling on to anything/anyone that gives them international recognition. Even if they are native Americans who would not be successful and have developed the proper credentials if born in Taiwan.Yes,that is you fellow Americans whose parents made the correct decision Janet and Jeremy.

When I see Janet instantly I change the channel.As a person I don't deny she is probably nice but as a host she is simply painful and phony.The fact there will be a second season to the Fun Taiwan is so sad. The first season from what I could stomach was a very low budget Amazing Race.It was a painfully boring hosted,lame contestant ridden and had carnival style challenges.

Thanks for the outlet"

"I watched her show a few times and followed her on Facebook.
I was drawn to her in the same way people rubberneck at a car crash.
I find her unfunny and stupid acting with the cross eyes and goofy faces. It seems her Facebook pages just glorifies her life style and attracts attention to herself.
Asking her fans to vote for her as sexiest woman on FHM website, Please! I really don't care about her broken thumb."

"I have to say I stumbled upon your website while google-ing Janet Hsieh and I find it very refreshing, truthful and eye-opening. Nice critique out there for the unfortunate masses of cut-paste plastic-fantastic, bobble-headed, too tanned Chinese girls who happen to make it big cos' most people are simple airheads who cannot discern fact from fiction or fakery :)"

"Yah I think she's fake. She's been paid by Taiwan Tourism Department. Taiwan's really got nothing to offer now in Tourism World, the competition is getting stiffer. Nice try Janet, but we don't buy it!"

"you're right. the woman goes to boring places and pretends to make them interesting. but her really fake acting doesnt cut it...

and the woman is literally selling everything in Taiwan and is on every billboard. she is like a 7-11, there isnt anything she wont sell... it doesnt even make sense....i often wonder if she doesnt understand the concept of "over-exposure"?"

"PART I: I have to applaud you Winston. As Col Kertz said in Apocalypse Now "the "sheer will" to start this blog and keep it running is remarkable.

I'm a Taipei-based foreign journalist, and like you, I was revolted by Janice after about five minutes of her inane, dull schoolgirl act. But like a car wreck, I couldn't help but watch and hurl abuse at the screen every time she whitewashed something about Taiwan, its present and its past.

I'm pretty sure she is an invention of the GIO, which probably pays TLC to air this drivel. While its true that travel shows are often on the sunny side of the street. They should NOT be paid for advertising content from a corporation or body. The fact that other shows lie doesn't make it OK for her to lie too.

This is journalism 101 people. Frankly, it saddens me that so many Taiwanese have so little internal focus that it is OK for them to support PAID-FOR advertising. I just don't get it. It makes me wonder if just being a celebrity is enough to be liked in Taiwan. Like success, no matter how it is attained, is all that's important, so she can sell flog off shampoo and herbal products.

It's sad really, and paints a picture of shallow, mentally and morally regressing society.

Janice's complete lack of context in everything she covers is little more than a lie. And I am insulted by her, the GIO and TLC every time I see her programme. There needs to be some professional balance. No country is utopia, but to paint a picture of it as such is used car salesman douchery of the highest order.

This also speaks to the Taiwan government's totally dated profile-raising playbook. Pick an Asian American girl so she straddles both cultures. She must be American because they are the only people who count, although I doubt this farce is shown outside of Asia. Make her a smiling dolcit retard so she doesn't offend. And then plug OVER AND OVER AND OVER again about how great everything is.

Go to a beach with three foot waves and talk up this massive surf culture that doesn't exist. Go to Sun Moon Lake and dance with Aboriginals but don't mention that there are only about 300 of them left because Taipei has been hammering them for generations to the point that they will be EXTINCT within a generation. But that's OK because the tourist dollars count more.

Go to Orchid Island and don't get down to how it is a nuclear waste dump and how cancer rates there are through the roof.

PART II: Now I know a lot of you retards might come back and say that I hate Taiwan and I should leave. But the truth is I am personally a supporter of Taiwan. My wife is Taiwanese (who loathes Janice BTW). I've spent years in the country. BUT if you care about a place you should care about its problems, which all countries have. By shining a light on them you hope to forward change.

Besides a personal supporter is one thing. You need to be professional and do your job. I had some media friends from outfits like Bloomberg, WSJ, the Guardian etc come for a visit recently and they just hammered her. In short, she does as much damage as good, if not more so.

These sycophantic ramblings from a dull, tired, bland looking woman, who compares most things to America, a sure sign of an amateur who doesn't work on the minimal skills she has, are exactly what Winston claims them to be: lies. total lies.

I don't care if Winston is driven by bitterness to be honest, like many have claimed. the crux of his argument is correct. She is a walking billboard. A vessel for interest groups. And these people are the bottom of the barrel. They have no soul. No opinion and worse no thoughts of responsibility to the public.

At least public relations professionals are upfront about what they do. Janice alludes to a balanced professionalism that doesn't exist.

As Kurtz also said: "We must kill them. We must incinerate them. Pig after pig. Cow after cow. Village after village. Army after army. And they call me an assassin. What do you call it when the assassins accuse the assassin? They lie. They lie, and we have to be merciful, for those who lie. Those nabobs. I hate them. I do hate them."

Remember people: every time she is on that show, she is lying to YOU for money. And she knows she is doing it. Why would you support her?

Winston: good job, and you may want to check out her links to that terrible not hop outfit LA Boyz. Apparently that's where she got her start. Might have a lot to do with the tongue button. I mean really? A tongue button? How tacky."


I found your page because in the past 2 years I've been in Taiwan, I have seen multiple commercials with an annoying girl as the spokesperson.

One of the commercials showed her English and Chinese name and googling her brought me to this page.

I'm not sure what it is about her that makes me dislike her, as I've thankfully never had to watch her Fun Taiwan program. Maybe it's her ABC accent or maybe you really are right and she sounds/acts too "fake."

Watching her 15 second commercials is already too much for me. I'm glad I'm not the only one out there who feels the same way about her. It's unfortunate that she is successful here just based on her appearance and the fact that she is an ABC. I find the local girls more appealing."


Thanks to all the above contributors.

More prior interesting comments can be seen here:


Btw, someone on Janet Hsieh's Facebook page finally agreed with me about her:

"Jake Robbins: He's totally right Janet. You're a complete fraud. You would go anywhere and sell anything if the money was OK. Your entire show is a 30 min advertisement bereft of context. You never point to the problems of a Taiwan because your trying to sell tourism dollars. Even the Winston seems totally f..d up, your still a lying vessel of the tourism and Government Information Office machine. You make me sick actually."

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Chinese vs. Taiwanese girls on dating sites: See the difference in attitude!

Hi all,
I'd like to demonstrate a big attitude difference between Chinese and Taiwanese girls with some real examples I've experienced from dating sites. Now you'd think that they'd be similar since they came from the same culture, language and ethnicity, but it turns out not to be so at all.

On dating sites, I've written many women in both China and Taiwan. The difference in attitude has been astounding. For example, here is a typical response I get from Chinese women (which I have a high response rate from):

"Thank you for your sincere letter.
You are an excellent man. Hope someday I could manage my own business like you.I can't believe that a man like you ,so excellent,has no girlfriend.Maybe you have many chasers, but you just haven't met your real girl.
You look a little like my school counsellor.But he is much younger than you.You two both are handsome.??
Hope we can be friends.

As you can see, she was complimentary and enthusiastic. The example was from PlentyofFish.

In contrast, 99 percent of the Taiwanese women I write to don't reply at all, and if they do, they only write one lame line. Here is one example from PlentyofFish:

"You just copied and pasted your intro. Isn't it a bit too lazy?"

After I explained to her that I only send out a form letter the first time to save time and be efficient, and that subsequent letters would be personalized, she disappeared and had nothing to say back.

Obviously, she wasn't even interested in me. She just wanted to make a wise-crack remark at me. (Gee thanks. We get enough of that from Western women, why go to Taiwan? Sheesh.) This clearly reflects a spoiled attitude. She didn't tell me about herself or comment on my letter at all. So much for friendly sincere correspondence...

Here is another one liner response from a Taiwanese girl with no point, also on PlentyofFish:

"I am gonna move to Taipei soon too:/"

I don't know why she said that. It had nothing to do with my letter nor did I indicate that I was moving to Taipei. It was a pointless airhead response. She didn't tell me about herself or comment on my letter at all.

Another time, on OkCupid, I wrote many Taiwanese girls and got only one response:

"sorry you're not my type"

Enough said.

On the other hand, see this response from a high quality sincere sweet girl in Shenzhen, China that I've been corresponding with for a long time. When I first wrote her, this was her first initial response:

"Hello Winston,
How are you?

Firstly, Please accept my apology of late reply because i haven't been checking the account for a while. i was so happy just now to read your email this afternoon, you seems a very nice person from email and your photos.
Meanwhile i am also glad that you like my profile and photos. I guess you must be a very patient,romantic,gentle and passionate people, the kind of which,however, i am looking for.

Secoldly, a little about me? I am 25years girl, living and working in the city of Shenzhen where it's near to HongKong, have you been to either of them?
I am a buyer working for an exporting company, I like reading, chatting with nice friends, listening to romantic music and also I like TRAVELLING. hehe..

Finally, Iam so happy to hear about your compliment about Chinese girl and you like Chinese girl.
As for myself, I am seriously looking for a boyfriend as well, the relationship of which might possibly lead to a marriage.
Maybe we can try to get to know each other more better and who knows, we might be the one that we have been looking for.

BTW, when you will go China? have you ever been China before?
hehe, i speak Mandarin, Cantonese, and some English, if there is a chance, i could teach you more Mandarin or even Cantonese, and because of my oral english is not that good, maybe i need your help too. hehe.

Best wishes and talk to you soon."

As you can see, she is sincere, sweet, positive, and enthusiastic. And she introduced herself with a proper letter. Now this is the kind of response that authentic sincere guys like me dream of receiving. With Chinese women, that dream becomes a reality. But I NEVER get a letter like that from anyone in Taiwan!

In her letter, you can see that she is feminine, sweet, sincere, down to earth, and educated as well - what more could you ask for? That's what every normal guy wants, a girl that's sweet, feminine and down to earth. It's not a lot to ask for, yet in spoiled westernized countries like Taiwan and America, where women have a bad attitude, it seems like it's too much to ask for. In such cultures, expecting women to be nice, sincere, and open is unrealistic and asking for too much. Sheesh. What a difference location makes eh?

Well that's the beauty of it. Location often makes all the difference. It's a simple yet taboo secret. Yet you are never told this by mainstream media or conventional sources. Instead, you are given the illusion that people are the same everywhere. What a pity.

This is why I like showing you all such differences, so you can see how real they are, even though other websites don't talk about them. Hope you all appreciate that. As you know, I'm the type that tells truths that others don't have the guts to tell. I guess it's taboo and "uncool" to make such comparisons, but nevertheless they are VERY REAL, as demonstrated in my experiences depicted above.

As you know, there is an unspoken rule in this world that when you speak or write publicly, you are only allowed to say nice, polite, positive, lighthearted things about people and places. The only time you are allowed to talk about negative things is if it's on the news - which is usually related to jobs, economics, disasters, etc. But as to the topic of spoiled rotten people with bad attitudes in westernized countries, no way, you aren't allowed to talk about that. It's taboo. But as you know, I don't give a @#$% about taboos. I just tell it like it is, and I back up what I say with real examples and valid arguments and reasons.

So you gotta wonder: Why the big difference? What is the problem? Who is the problem? Is it me or the sterile environment of Taiwan and the overly picky spoiled girls who are cold and stuck up?

If the problem is me, then how come girls in many other countries treat me better, are more warm and open, and more enthusiastic and appreciative toward me? Why do I feel so much more valuable to foreign girls? They make me FEEL so much better about myself. How can I feel like a totally different person to women from different cultures? The difference is staggering. It's like I'm two different people - a worthless guy in Taiwan, and a valued desired guy in many other countries.

It's really weird how location changes everything and makes all the difference.

Before anyone attacks me, let me ask you this: If you were me, would you prefer to feel wanted, desired and valuable? Or unwanted, undesired and worthless? Which one?

We are now #1 in Google for "Janet Hsieh"! Wow!

Check this out! My Janet Hsieh blog is now ranked #1 in Google in search results for "Janet Hsieh"! In fact, I've outranked both Wikipedia's entry on her, and Janet Hsieh's own website! Whoa! I guess that's what I get for being an SEO expert. :) See screen shot below of Google search results for "Janet Hsieh". You can try Googling her name yourself.

I wonder why the Taiwanese media or Janet Hsieh's production staff haven't contacted me yet to harass me, since I've smeared their top celebrity in Google? :)

It's Winston Wu, Taiwan's greatest freethinker, vs. Janet Hsieh, Taiwan's fakest celebrity. Gee what a match/comparison. LOL

Screen shot of Google search result for "Janet Hsieh":

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Christopher's Lies and BS about Janet Hsieh and Taiwan

One of Janet Hsieh's fans (airheads as usual, with no real arguments), posted this strange comment in this blog:

"It seems the only good thing Winston Wu is good at is SEO.

I actually read that "article" about democracy and Taiwan being a horrible place, and discovered that his "intellectual" thoughts are basically a mixture of conspiracy theory and poppycock. No educated American thinks America is literally a democracy, nor does anybody think that living in a "free" country means that people can do or say whatever they want. Winston wrote some obvious things, then claims that he's one of the few that's figured it out. There's also a glaring lack of footnotes in his essay, so at least we know it's very well-researched....

And then there's a bunch of claims that show Winston's lack of knowledge on topics he talks about. Such as Janet being fake. If he's never met her, then how does he know that she's faking it, and that that's not how she is in person? (I HAVE met her personally, and I remember her as a pretty upbeat girl). Winston also doesn't know how the TV industry in Taiwan works (for new show concepts, people create a show with their own money, then pay the networks to broadcast it. If it gets good ratings FOR A WHOLE SEASON, THEN the network pays for the rights to it and/or hires the team, and only then do they start paying the original show creators.).

Also, Winston likely possesses few social skills. He cries on and on about Asian males not being treated well, but it just sounds like a lot of blaming others for his own bad experiences. Having lived in Taipei for a year as an ABC (that would make me an Asian male), one of the best things about the place was the friendly people! People everywhere were extremely friendly, you could talk to anybody on the street, young or old, and talking to girls there was much easier than in the States, because they will almost always talk back (maybe Winston acted like a creeper? I'm below-average in the looks department, and all I had to do was smile and say hi). I have literally walked into random KTV rooms, introduced myself, and then drank and sang with strangers for hours (didn't do this all the time, but maybe once a month or so?). I would then observe how that behavior would not fly in the USA. It is hard to approach a group of club-goers in LA without them staring you down. In Taipei, however, any night at Room18 could be spiced up by just walking up to random groups, and they happily integrate you into their plans for the night. Girls there are NOT that conservative, and I actually watched a documentary about how Taiwanese girls are getting more and more dynamic to the point that there is a large portion of their population that is barhopping into their 30's and marrying later.

Winston, anecdotal evidence from people that have similar experiences to you means very little. You must ask for stories from people that are nothing like you, to allow for the possibility that your personality (or other factors) is the culprit. I'm not claiming to be one of those "lucky" ones that succeeded in to social or dating scenes. In fact, if you go hang outside a club like Spark or Primo, you will see tons of people just happily socializing with each other, just like any other country. Because guess what! People in Taiwan like to have fun, too! There's no anti-fun culture being taught there. How about you balance your anecdotal evidence with mine and my Taiwanese friends? Or that of all the ABC's that love visiting Taiwan every year in the summer or Christmas or Chinese New Years?

In closing, this comment is more for the readers than for you, Winston. I'm afraid this is likely to fall on deaf ears (though one can hope), but hopefully others who end up here will remember to appreciate Janet and her show for what it's supposed to do, highlighting what can be fun and entertaining in and around
Taiwan, not what you perceive her personality to be without ever having met her."

My response:

Why do you say that Janet isn't fake because she's "upbeat"?! WTF are you smoking?! If you had said that she isn't fake because she's "authentic, down to earth, no nonsense, straightforward, brutally honest and tells it like it is", then you could argue that she's not fake. But "upbeat"? WTF? Are you some retard?

How can you say that Taiwanese are "NOT conservative"? WTF? EVERYONE knows that they are. Ask any honest sincere Taiwanese person and they will tell you that Taiwan girls are very "bao so" (conservative/inhibited/closed). Note that they are not a little "bao so" but VERY "bao so". It's common knowledge in Taiwan and no one denies it. So why do you?

Saying that Taiwanese girls are not conservative is like saying that Hitler was not insane. It's a preposterous statement. In fact, every atom and molecule in Taiwan is conservative. The entire energy field and social atmosphere in Taiwan is conservative. There is nothing that is not conservative in Taiwan. Why do you think you have to act super innocent when out with people in Taiwan?

Do you have some self-interest in spreading these lies about Janet Hsieh and Taiwan? Why are you giving totally false info that contradicts what everyone knows as fact? You are weird. It's like you have never been to Taiwan or something.

Look dude. I'm Taiwanese and I love Taiwan because of that. But the facts are the facts:

- It is extremely conservative, the most conservative country I've ever been to. People ignore you if they don't know you and treat you like you don't exist. When you are alone in Taiwan, you are totally invalidated and alienated. It's a terrible feeling.
- Taiwanese are very cliquish and only hang in groups. They are insecure as individuals. The individual has no value and no identity. Groups are everything in Taiwan's social atmosphere. No one dares go out alone unless they are on their way to school or work. You will never see anyone going alone to a restaurant, cafe, pub, theater, etc. You will be seen as a loser if you go out alone in Taiwan. It's easier to meet people if you're in a group than alone - it's all about cliques.
- The only people that freely talk to strangers in Taiwan are middle age and elderly people. (similar to the US) This is an obvious fact, yet amazingly not a single website mentions it other than mine.
- 80 percent of the girls are either cute or hot, but they have a cold wall around them which makes it VERY uncomfortable and creepy to try to approach them or meet them. 99.99 percent of guys would never start up a conversation with a girl they don't know in Taiwan. The girls are all look and no touch - a total downer.

These facts and general tendencies in Taiwan are undeniable to any sincere normal person. I have a mountain of proof to support this.

See these revealing photos that show exactly what I'm talking about:

See these 10 logical reasons with many expat letters:

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Is Janet Hsieh running away from something in America? What are her dark secrets?

Recently, I met an American expat in Taiwan who told me that he heard a rumor that Janet Hsieh was actually running away from something in America, unknown to most of her fans.

In a thread about her on Forumosa, a poster asked:

"I always wondered why a smart well-educated woman, MIT no less, who wanted to become a medical doctor and save lives as a doctor, would give up all
that training and braininess to come to Taiwan and hawk crap products on TV and star in some cool travel shows? Okay, for two years, three years, cool, bit Janet's been here forever now doing this same same thing, and sure she's making a good living at it, but she comes from a wealthy family stateside, it's not like she needs the money. What derailed her from her real life? This TV life in Taiwan is fake. Sure, she has the adoration of thousands of teen fans around the island, is that a life? I wonder if there is something about her that she is running away from. like her family in Texas, or former lovers at MIT, or her own sense of who she is in terms of persoanlity and sexuality. I am sure she is a good person and certainly has a sunny personlity for sure. But there is something missing. Honesty. She's hiding behind something. Of course,
The llocals cannot see it, they just see glamour girl and glam girl.....but no boyfriend, no husband, no kids, she seems like those other TV talents who were were
famous for a while and then disppeared: Chocolate and Jen Locker. Is Janet folling herself, too?"

Now, I wouldn't agree that being a doctor and working long stressful hours with no freedom, relaxation or travel is better than being a TV host. But we all have skeletons in the closet and things we are ashamed of in our past. Could people like Janet, who act overly fake and polyannish, be doing so as a front to mask some insecurity deep down? It's very possible. What dark secrets does Janet Hsieh have, I wonder.

Anyway, if anyone knows what he might be talking about, please let us know by posting in the comment section below. Or if anyone has heard anything about any of her dark secrets, feel free to share.