Thursday, July 12, 2012

We are now #1 in Google for "Janet Hsieh"! Wow!

Check this out! My Janet Hsieh blog is now ranked #1 in Google in search results for "Janet Hsieh"! In fact, I've outranked both Wikipedia's entry on her, and Janet Hsieh's own website! Whoa! I guess that's what I get for being an SEO expert. :) See screen shot below of Google search results for "Janet Hsieh". You can try Googling her name yourself.

I wonder why the Taiwanese media or Janet Hsieh's production staff haven't contacted me yet to harass me, since I've smeared their top celebrity in Google? :)

It's Winston Wu, Taiwan's greatest freethinker, vs. Janet Hsieh, Taiwan's fakest celebrity. Gee what a match/comparison. LOL

Screen shot of Google search result for "Janet Hsieh":


  1. I watched her show a few times and followed her on Facebook.
    I was drawn to her in the same way people rubberneck at a car crash.
    I find her unfunny and stupid acting with the cross eyes and goofy faces. It seems her Facebook pages just glorifies her life style and attracts attention to herself.
    Asking her fans to vote for her as sexiest woman on FHM website, Please! I really don't care about her broken thumb.

    1. Thanks for your insightful comment. I've created a new post and quoted your comment in it. You can see it here: