Thursday, March 15, 2012

The Injustice of Janet Hsieh and the Stupid Media

The injustice with the over coverage of Janet Hsieh in the media and TV is that people who are fake and annoying like her get a ton of airtime in the stupid shallow superficial media, but people who have a lot of meaningful useful enlightening things to say that truly changes lives, like me, get no airtime. It should be the opposite way around. But as you know, the stupid media is not about truth, meaning or freedom, but about dumbing you down with the stupidest most useless mind numbing garbage and trash that is not even worth one cent per minute of their advertiser's money, or your attention and cranium space.

Have you noticed how bizarro and upside down the media is in terms of logic and relevance? On the rare occasions they cover something important and earth shattering, like 9/11 Truth for instance, they only do so for 5 minutes and then they say they're out of time. But when they talk about a stupid useless subject like gays in the military, they will go one for one or two hours like they have all the time in the world! How stupid! It's supposed to be THE OTHER WAY AROUND stupid! What imbeciles they are! Total incompetent fools! No one should give them the time of day! All they do is peddle fear, stress and bad news - really boring shit. The fact that so many still watch the news is a sad testament to how moronic the masses are. It's no wonder alien life hasn't made contact with us yet. Why would they? Any alien beings with intelligence would know better than to make contact with humans who acquiesce to bizarro upside down logic.

Fortunately though, this blog and the critique of Janet Hsiesh on my site helps balance the scales of justice. Now that they are highly ranked in Google, anyone who Googles "Janet Hsieh" will find them, and thus learn about me and my site with meaningful useful enlightening content that truly changes lives. In that sense, I've found a way to "piggyback" onto her fame, and thus balance the scales of justice a little. Sometimes, you gotta take justice into your own hands, especially when the forces of stupidity, ignorance and superficiality are working against you.

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