Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Response to Lucie Luke's Open Letter to Me

In response to my critical review of Janet Hsieh and my negative comments about Taiwan, a blogger called Lucie Luke posted this open letter to me:


Open letter to Winston Wu

"Remember this little article about Janet Hsieh I posted a few weeks ago ? Well, I promised I would post a response to this article, but because I am busy (well, I have a social life after all), I delayed it many times but today, Winston Wu himself reminded me of that by commenting on my article. Here is what he has posted :
This is Winston Wu. You make a logic fallacy here. First thing you gotta remember is, "It takes one to know one". The average person is NOT an intellectual, so how would they recognize an "intellectual critique"? The average person is dumbed down by the media and lives only to work and consume and conform. An unspiritual person cannot recognize a spiritual one, and a nonintellectual cannot recognize an intellectual. Every intellectual and spiritual person I've met has recognized me as one of their kind. But you can't expect the general mainstream airhead population to. That's asking too much. Any intellectual who sees my articles and About Me links will recognize me as an intellectual. See here: http://www.happierabroad.com/AboutMe.htm 
Especially see my masterpiece essay "Debunking the Myth of Freedom and Democracy in America". Everything in it is outside the box, yet TRUE at the same time. You will never see Janet write anything like that. Just because I criticize a media darling and Goddess like Janet Hsieh does not discredit me. I stand for truth, even if it makes me unpopular. That's what sets me apart from the airheadish herd, which Janet and her conformist crowd belongs to. 
PS - The reason I use the word "sucks" in the blog title is to attract attention, and apparently, that word does. It is a key word that gathers other people who wish to bash the said person.

First of all, it is a great honor that Mister Wu comments directly on my little blog....I really don't know how your found it.

I was about to comment back but since I had to write this article, here it is for everyone to see !

Dear Winston Wu,

First I just would like to say that I am not a fan of Janet Hsieh. I don't know her, nor watch her show. I just happened to see this article because some friends posted it.

And from the few information I know about her, I just see a girl that is not dumb and no different than any other Asian-American, I do agree with you on this point. But the only difference -and the most important and crucial one- is that she has grabbed the right opportunities to arrive where she is today. So why throwing stones to her ? Maybe your article was targeted to those that may blindly follow her but you really look like you targeted Janet and comparing yourself to her just shows your frustration and jealousy. Is it unfair that a girl that is so banal compared to you, your Highness,

And the latter is actually one of the things that shocked me the most in this article. You sound so full about yourself, bouncing about all your greatness and accomplishments. I'm not saying that you are actually dumb. You are just so arrogant that you seem to look down to everyone. You are indeed unpopular but not because what you are saying is the so called truth. It's because of your arrogance, and the fact that you seem not to like anyone out there that is worth being "your kind". If you were taught at least a bit of modesty, maybe people would appreciate you a bit more.

Then, I would like to throw my two cents about what you feel about Taiwan. I live in Taiwan for about a year now and I will go back soon to Paris. Of course, compared to Paris, Taipei is not be the most exciting megalopolis ever, but it has a social energy, definitely. Just have a walk in nightmarkets, bars, or live houses, and you will see that Taipei and Taiwan in general is not boring. This city and this country in general has its own flavor. Some people won't like it, but some other will, it's up to them. And most of my friends and I generally appreciated our stay in Taipei.

If I remember well, you are a Taiwanese-American, right ? I just can't believe you can say so harsh things about a country that you are related to. Of course, every country has its own flaws (I can dress quite a long list for France myself) and we do not have to like everything about something...but being so one-sided about this...even the few friends who didn't like Taiwan could at least say some good things about this country.
So, when you, Winston Wu, a guy of Taiwanese descent can only resume your country of origin that way...I'm just gaping and quite shocked.

I know that you will just disprove this article with only the back of your hand. But I just hope that one day, you'll open your eyes, learn more about humility, open-mindedness, tolerance, acceptance and loving people.


Now, this seemed like a nice sincere letter to me, so I wrote this response to try to clarify things:

Hi Lucie,
This is Winston. Thank you for your open letter. I found your blog easily by Googling "Janet Hsieh and Winston Wu". Try it and you will see that it comes up.

As a marketing person who seeks publicity, I sometimes check to see how my efforts are paying off by Googling the name of my articles or responses to it.

I just updated my article with more reasons why Janet is annoying and undeserving of fame. I also responded to her fans too. Check out the new version. It is greatly improved. And if you watch her show, you'll see what I mean.


I've also changed the title of it from "intellectual critique" to "a critical review" because people were dogging the term "intellectual critique", so I thought of a more non-controversial title to use.

In response to your points, it is true that I am somewhat full of myself and arrogant. I don't deny that. But unlike Janet, I have a REASON to be arrogant. I have truly special and unique qualities and accomplishments, which she doesn't. If you explore the links about me, you'll see that.


Unlike Janet, I don't have a media hyping me up, so I guess I have to hype up myself, which can seem arrogant to others, I agree, but hey, life is unfair, and only the bold like me will do something to try to correct the unfairness in life, while the rest of the herd just follows the trends. See what I mean? That's what sets me apart from others. I'm not afraid to go against the herd, as this great quote exemplifies:

"The individual has always had to struggle to keep from being overwhelmed by the tribe. If you try it, you will be lonely often, and sometimes frightened. But no price is too high to pay for the privilege of owning yourself."
- Friederich Nietzsche

And this too:

“Even if you are a minority of one, the truth is the truth.” - Gandhi

Such quotes give me the courage to do something unpopular like criticizing someone as popular as Janet.

At least I have a basis to hype myself up. See the links about me, and you will see why. Janet, on the other hand, seems to get hyped up just because, like Britney Spears was.

As to your other point regarding Taiwan, I am proud to be Taiwanese American, I guess. But I am also a truth seeker who worships truth, not conformity like Janet and her followers do. So I tell the truth, even if it's against my own ethnicity. Isn't that honorable to you?

"The men the American public admire most extravagantly are the most daring liars; the men they detest most violently are those who try to tell them the truth." - H. L. Mencken

Here are my complete observations about Taiwan. It contains some positive things, but yeah, most of it is negative cause I have a highly critical mind.


Judge for yourself whether they are true or accurate or not. But don't say that I shouldn't say them just cause it would shame my own heritage. The truth is the truth right? You cannot say that there is zero truth in what I say.

Do you prefer that I not make any deep cultural observations, but instead just act like Janet does on the Travel Channel and yell:

"This culture is so wonderful! The people are friendly! The food was great! I had a great time! Wooooo hooooo!"

Should I do that and be politically correct and an airhead, since that's the popular thing to say, which every host on the Travel Channel says?

Why not say something accurate, such as the fact that Taiwanese are worrywarts who live in fear, or that Americans ask "How are you?" without really caring about the answer, which the Polish think is stupid and pointless, so they don't have that phrase in their language, etc.?

Those are accurate cultural comparisons, yet Janet never makes them.

As to Taiwan, let me clarify something. Yes the people there are kind and polite deep down, most of them that is. But when I say "friendly" I mean the girls, and how approachable they are and how easy to meet they are.

I think even you will admit that TW girls are not as comfortable and open about talking to strangers as European women are. There is no comparison. I've been to Europe and stayed in Russia for a year, so I know this difference for a 1000 percent fact. Mainstream TW women do not exchange greetings with strangers the way Euro women do. No way. You don't deny that right?

In TW, to meet girls, you gotta have connections. You gotta be introduced. Ask every TW couple you know how they met, they will say that it was through friends, school or work.

Thus, without such connections, you are out of luck in Taiwan. Not so with most countries. TW and Japan are conservative in this way. Their girls are not approachable, do not talk to strangers, do not make eye contact, and are not sociable outside their clique. That's a fact. No serious TW person denies it. Do you?

That's why I say that TW is cold. When I go there, I'm basically invisible, which is boring and lonely. Only the elderly there talk to strangers easily. Not young women. No way. That is an obvious fact. Why deny it? What are you debating me about?

In a lot of ways, TW is now a lot like the US suburbs, where people are in a bubble and are polite but are not inclusive. They don't invite you over or out to do things. Not even my own relatives come over or invite us anywhere anymore. They've became closed and antisocial. It's sickening. But what can I do? I didn't make things this way. I'm only telling you how it is. What is wrong with that? Why blame me for talking about a change in TW for the worse?

Back in 1987, when we went to Taiwan, all my relatives would travel far to be with us. That never happens anymore, at all. 1987 was a different Taiwan.

Bottom line: I'm a guy, so the ease of meeting women is important to me. TW girls do not talk to male strangers easily. If you are a girl or a white guy, you will have an easier time chatting up TW girls, but not if you're an Asian guy. No way. I've noticed this difference.

If you watch my videos about approaching foreign women, you will see that I have all the experience in the world in this area.


Or just see my photo collage if you don't have the time.


So yeah, I definitely know the difference between approachable vs. unapproachable. See that?

Anyway, I hope I've clarified myself to you, and I hope you understand me better. Let me know your thoughts on the above, and if you have any further questions. I'm all about the truth, and deserve respect for that. There are very few honest people left in this world. Remember that. Even in the 1970's, Billy Joel sang: "Honesty, is such a lonely word, everyone is so untrue..."

And most or half of American guys brag about all the money and sex that comes easily to them, yet when you check it out, it turns out to be BS most of the time.

So you see, honesty is rare, and I hope that you would appreciate that in me.

Also, check my third party references here, and you will see that I am a really decent good guy. I have many character and professional references.


Thank you for your attention and time in composing your response.


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